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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 17 – VideoVideo Assignment Seba Dja 2008 Conference part 2

This video highlighted the details of the Shedly Disciplines and provided insight on the keys to success with ones spiritual practice. The following provides a summary of her teachings:
Shedy Discipline
Wisdom of Asset – As a result of participating in the Wisdom (of Aset) Descipline), one will part take in reading and or listening to the teaching. Absorbing these wisdom teaching provides a cleansing process for the mind. Out with the old and in with the new to help one put all the pieces back together and be resurrected. With a clouded and irrational mind, one will be forever stuck in mortality and but with the Wisdom Teachings, one will be able to attain the awareness in his/her conscious mind who he/she truly is and what she/he is truly capable of doing.
Offering of Maat – Which leads into the offering of Maat, offering in other words giving of thyself. So if ones actions (offering) is of Maat, this must mean that I must ensure that my actions are ethical, I speak and live truth (in harmony with nature), strive to exercise righteousness and virtue. With this, I will be working on purifying my actions and this process allows me to live in truth.
Devotional practice – done in all temples – demonstration of love towards the Divine; on this journey I have come to learn that this not just via praise and worship, but also in how one treats others and onself as projections of the Divine. As I am reflecting and writing my thoughts and feelings related to Devotional Practice, I kind of see the praise and worship aspect being the ritual of this discipline, while the incorporation of it in ones thought process and actions, demonstrates the mysticism in this discipline.
Mediation practices – Seba Dja started off in this video clip explaining the various meditation disciplines that have been found in the Temple of Aset. One of the main things that stood out was to pay attention to what resonates with one’s soul and allow that to be ones path for meditation. This does not mean that one cannot partake in other forms of mediations or learn other practices, but it also means that just because you learn a new one, it does not mean to turn away from what has resonated with you from the onset.
Seeing all the books that related to the actual discipline also provided me with the insight needed for purchasing the rest of the books (I only studied the Maat Philosophy with Uab Ra Tem and Uab Amuntyt) so far and have not purchased the others out of the four yet. But after seeing how it was presented in this clip, helped me to see how important it is to ensure that all four of those books were studied to ensure that I understand in much more details the teachings related to each discipline as this will help with understanding more about what integration truly looks like.
Keys to success in one’s spiritual practice – patience perseverance, continue self-effort, good association
Other teachings that were provided that resonated with me are:
Shemsu udja shedy – burning desire aspiration to attain nehast, what it takes to burn away the fetters and become successful on the path. This is so true, as I have realized that having the burning aspiration keeps my mind always thinking about my actions, and thoughts, its like it make you more accountable for your actions. For example I used to beat up myself for not accomplishing my goals with going through lessons quickly but I realize that I actually prefer to take my time through the material, to reflect and implement and until I feel like I have gotten the gist of something I learned I have to keep chiseling until I can move forward. I had to realize that I am not in a race with anyone but myself and I have never been competitive but I strive to get it right. So Shemsu udja shedy is something that this lecture has helped me to label and fully understand as it has been a term I have heard before but until know when reflecting, did not have a deep understanding for myself and the role it plays for me on my journey.
Understand that it’s a gradual process must remain steadfast – This too very true, know I understand why one must remain stedfast because the ego is big and subtle at the same time so it can be very difficulty as the Ancient Egyptian proverb indicates “The path of immortality is hard…”
Burning aspiration – practice aggressively, I equated this to ensuring that one is engaging in the discipline in an integrated manner. This allows the immersion to take place that I learned about a few conferences ago, “being immersed in the teachings.”
The books are not enough – must have and be connected with a teacher to heal and restore. This is so true, I was talking to my sister the other day about entering into the teachings as I referred her to a few books and told her that it would be necessary to take her time and to get plugged into lecture and classes because I realized that without my teachers it would take me so much longer to develop the understanding of the teachings as the mystery Is hidden and only a clear/purified mind decipher, the pure it becomes the more it can understand. Reading is a beginning stage/process for purifying the mind it’s not the complete process.