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Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon Lesson 2
Foundation of Kamitan Civilization
“If one fights in the arena, forgetful of the past, success will elude him who ignore what he should know”- African Proverb.
We are dealing with the same problems Chiekh Anta Diop wrote about in the late 1960’s.
Foundation of the Kamatian Civilization
Agriculture-Education- (social, political, ethical) Organization-Religion> Shetaut Neter

Old Kingdom/Middle/New/Late
5000BC 3000BC 1900 1000
Predynastic Period 1000-5000 B.C.
Assyrians 700B.C.
Persians 600 B.C
Greek 300 B.C.
Romans 30 B.C.
Christians 350 A.C.E.
The Old Kingdom has the oldest religious and wisdom writings in the world. They include the pyramid text (which gave rise to the Book of the Dead), and wisdom text.
During these periods, there was breakdown of order, in the Kamatic civilization.
In the absence of contrary voices, problems develop. Delusions. Major contributing factors to the downfall of the Kamatic civilization was forgetfulness. Forgetful of ethics and morality, equals the downfall of a society. This forgetfulness went on for thousands of years. Moral degradation invites corruption in any society. America is a prime example.
“Marching is a strategy, not a way of life.”
Ethical teachings = MAAT P r m H r u text
3 Human needs:
• Food – sustenance
• Shelter – home (without a home, you become a wanderer)
• Boat (capacity to do things) – Opportunity.

Mob Culture- Ethical behavior of human beings. Those individuals in power, political leaders must provide the 3 main needs. If you deprive people from these three basic needs, there will be disorder in any society.
The Social Political order consisted of:
• Common folk
• Gov workers
• Skilled workers
• Priest, Priestesses
• Matriarchy
Sen (brother) Sent (sister)

Kamat was governed by priest and priestesses. The temple was the center of the entire society. Agriculture, education, social, political, and ethical organization. The educational system was set up, so that the people were trained in different areas and different disciplines of society. Education was extremely important to the Kamatic civilization. Education started at the age of 5. Kindergarten, 1st grade, and so forth. At the age of ten, you started apprenticeship. You concluded apprenticeship at the age of 20. If you desired to be a priest or priestess of a temple, it usually started at the age of 20, and continued for another 20 years. The three main temples were:
• An Temple
• Memphis Temple
• Wusart Temple
Certain Greek “philosophers”, like Pythagros and Plato studied at the three main temples. However, Aristotle another Greek ‘philosopher”, did not study at any of the temples. When Kemet was invaded by Alexander “The Greek”, Aristotle stole, claimed, and authored the information.
The danger of having an oral tradition is that it can be easily disruptive if the society was attacked.
Resources are not controlled by Africans. Neo-Colonial system in place. Governed by proxy.
School of the Americas. How to suppress democracy. America no longer have to drop bombs to oppress a nation. They train paramilitary personnel to oppress and control. America continues to believe they are the “police” of the world.
Technological development was not a priority for the Kamatic civilization. This became a huge problem when the Africans met people who were technologically more advanced. Remember, these cultures were more advanced technically because they had the ability to create destructive devices.
Spiritual Consciousness. The underline awareness of the spiritual essence of creation. This is the reason why the Kamatic people were able to exist for thousands of years.
The Kemetic culture exemplified the concept of men and women being equal in every aspect of society. In religion you had a God and a Goddess.
Western concept of a male dominance in religion.