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Lesson 7

The symbolization of colors and the association with the kemet pharoh. I also learned that yoga is synonymous with Sema, and how they both have mystical aspects that goes beyond religion and myth. An interesting fact was that a 100 years ago, women could not practice yoga. The four teachings of Shedy discipline in three steps. 1. listening to the teachings. 2. Acting righteously. 3. Devotional, 4. Meditation to the divine. Are pathways that leads to the opening of the 3rd eye/ the great awakening. This allows one to transcends beyond the created, time and space universe. Which allows one to experience oneness with the divine/ supreme being. This us with understanding and recognizing that God is one in all things. The application of yoga allows one to practice allows one to practice spiritual bodily discipline. It brings understanding to why yoga was important to ancient egyptian’s, and why the practice of religion cannot exsist without yoga.