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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 4 – Kemetic Culture Pinnacle of African Culture & Migrations from Kemet

The more relaxed and peaceful you are, the easier it is to absorb knowledge and share knowledge

Mali & Nigerian people-descendants of Ancient Egyptians. Correlations between Yoruba religion & Dogon religion

There is close connection between Egypt and other African nations. Kemet is an African culture. Kemet is the summit of African culture. Through Kemet, we can understand the world.

Whenever there is upheaval in a culture there will be some sort of migration
– forced migration by Persians for slave labor to Asia Minor
– Tibetan Buddhist connection to Kemet via migration
– India & South East Asia- connection to Indian Yoga, Hinduism and Kemet

Trading in Arabia & South East Asia – there was a normal trade relation b/w Northeast Africa and West Africa. Assarian theology was widely disseminated in Africa

West Africa & the West connections
– when we look for our roots, we tend to stop at West Africa and do not look further East (geography & time)
– there is a genetic relationship to Ancient Kemet

Dogon Religion
– 8000 gods & goddesses
– from 1 supreme divinity comes 4 pairs and each pair is an opposite. Behind these opposites are a supreme being, an underlying essence
– Same kind of sociopolitical set up as in Kemet
Yoruba Religion – even more correlations with Kemet. Orisha ⇒ Neteru

– Zimbabwe – stone cities with the falcon standard – falcon is the primary symbol of Kemet ⇒ Heru Winged Disc
– Pyramids found in Mali
– Kush- nubian pyramids (more designed for burial)

Two forms of Pyramids (1) Mausoleum (2) Temple

No remnants of any pharaoh have been found in any of the Great Pyramids of Egypt -The Great Pyramids were temples → spiritual temples

Congo (Zaire) – have Assarian artifacts

Different forms of development between different cultures
• Dogon & Yoruba – developments of late period- were descendants of Kemet during main downfall of Kenetian Culture (1000 BCE- 0) – Came at the time Asyarians, Persians, Greeks, Romans were attacking and degrading kemetian culture. Became a part of the Nubian culture
(Modern times parallel: Islam coming into Sudanese government. Islam brought a harsh way of dealing with social problems).

•These developments are independent of Kemet Year 0 and further (concurrent development) Cush = Nubia

Development between Kemet and Greece was a dependent development. Greece came to study & learn Kemetic culture

Stagnant development-Kemet & Uganda. Explorers searching for sources of the Nile discovered that Kemetian culture came from Uganda, but Kemet but did not have much interactions with the Uganda region after leaving there.
– Pert m Heru Text – “jaw has been replaced” – spiritual enlightenment – we as humans have been disintegrated from the knowledge of who we are
– spiritual enlightenment-reconstituted
↳ found tradition in equatorial Africa-separating the jaws of the King

Indigenous development occurred throughout Africa (including) Kemet.
There is a pre-kemetic development of traditions in Africa and concurrent development post Kemet

Great Lakes Region Migration 150,000 BCE
– had certain kinds of traditions that were practiced throughout Africa including Kemet
– Because of abundance in Kemet-there was no need to practice high technology
– Memory of Indigenous traditions remained in Kemet

Htp slab – offering table- Kemet had risen above cannibalism and human/animal sacrifices.

Kemet is the flowering of African culture, an improvement & development of traditions already existing in Africa

Cush- Casidy – city of the bow

Kemet is the Pinnacle of African Culture

Peopling from Asia Minor – don’t see the interrelationships as in west africa

36000 BC – when records of Kemetian culture started. The Great Year.

Indians were descendants of Egyptians. Heru ⇒ Krishna
When ice age comes, you are landlocked. The ice age did not affect Africa.

In the absence of the Kemetian understanding of Egyptology, Egyptology is just a pyramid on its summit.

A strong moral culture + economic power will protect a culture from oppressive forces and negative external pressure

What would a true picture of African Culture look like? We can see this tree picture by studying our history correctly. Neocolonialism and oppressive cultures control the outlook of history.

The formation of corporations promotes degraded culture – the powers that be set the world up this way. No accountability breeds corruption.

The base of our society should be universal spiritual consciousness. The ethical system is the expression of the spiritual consciousness.

Why should we have “religion” (universal spiritual consciousness/essence) behind religion?
– western religion-men are greater and worth more than women ⇒ Christian, Islam
→ God-Supreme being is male figure
→ Women are not allowed to be priestesses.
→ Western religion ⇒ degraded spiritual understanding ⇒ leads to degraded culture

Universal Spirt ⇒ Men and Women are equal because we are the same

Is religion really about faith?

Nehast-spiritual awakening. If you awake from something. you had to have been first asleep

Book to read: Africans in Early Asia

It is good to have healthy disdain for religion in western culture
– middle Ages -priests used to have concubines in the churches
– unethical construct of western religion/culture – “Kill them all and God will sort them out”

There is a way to understand the world.

There is hope for the future.

1. Luhya tribe-Kenya – were they descendants of Kemet? If so what period?

2. Jesus when born went to Egypt and spent childhood in Egypt. If Jesus was real, what is the significance of him spending his formative years in Egypt?

3. Why do Egyptologists try to deny the blackness of Ancient Kemet?

4. Is there Kemetic Relationship w/ Native Americans? I notice similarities with feathers and feather dances and maat iconography