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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 3- Interactions between Kemetic Culture and Other African Cultures

The Ancient Egyptian Temple
Temple of Hetheru – was closed at the time the Romans decreed that there would be no other religions but Christianity
-Covered about 10-20 acres
-Some temples were converted to churches – lot of art was defaced due to Christian ritual fire burning in the converted temples.

Hekat – government workers
Crook – power to lead, Flail- power to direct
King = the good shepherd  The king leads the people and directs the army and the hekat
The Downfall of Kemetic Culture
Old and Middle Kingdom (5000 BCE- 1700 BCE)
↳ traditional heirarchy
↳ middle Kingdom fell due to Asiatic attacks → hyksos ⇒ controlled most of Kemit

New Kingdom of Kemit -a modern empire where Kemet set out to control vast expanses of land. Royalty developed a social-political importance. The arm and royalty take on equal authority as priests & priestesses. Priests & priestesses gradually loose influence and power.

Kings have large harems – developed by pacts between countries
• multiple wives was not allowed in Kemetian culture, allowed in other African cultures
• polyandry- was allowed but not a common practice
• Mythology- The Bull and The Seven Cows
• The Spirit = Bull = Source of Life which beget the 7 aspects of time and space
• The Seven cows means an infinite number
• The soul of humans is tied to the same spirit. Humanity is all united to the same source
• This concept translates to the organization of the Kemetian social structure

“The difference between the symbolic custom and the actual practice”
The cultural expression factors -> Differentiation is a byproduct of culture.

What shapes culture/customs?
-Environment- different materials available, different foods available locally
-Despite these differences all matter is the same → The underlying oneness that exists in nature
The underlying essence of culture is a way for humanity to exist. The difference is what is your culture values based on? controlling nature? men dominating women?

Culture gives you the way to see the world and colors/taints the windows of reality
Three types of reality
1. Physical (Actual)
2. Image in the mind (idea)
3. Name of object (verbal)
Physical view ⇒ atoms & molecules -> what we see is an illusion
Absolute & Transcendental -> The true reality of the world transcends cultural expression → What is the ultimate reality of creation?

Racism → cultural ideas that lead us into trouble

What is the absolute? All religions are trying to find this absolute, the truth. All societies & schools of study are trying find the absolute, the truth in their own ways. University studies are created to help us learn about life & learn about the meaning of life.

If we see patterns emerging where things being said the same way, and there is contact between cultures (i.e. synchronicity), this arises beyond ordinary chance. This shows that cultural factors emerged at a common period of time. When we see patterns. it shows that the cultures are related.

You cannot understand the world of time and space without a name. The thoughts in your mind are based on a constant. Whatever it is that you are, you transcend. You are a soul. Gender is a body, not a soul.

Disciplines of Yogic culture help you discover the transcendental aspects of yourself.

Infinite Variety vs. Karmic Basis
Where do the souls come from to fill these bodies? Infinite Spiritual Essence can manifest in the form of physical souls. The soul that comes in to inhabit the body is a transcendental being on a cosmic journey that goes beyond time and space.

How is your journey directed? You journey comes from your Karmic basis -residue in your unconscious mind. No two souls have the same karmic basis.

If you live a life of virtue, your karmic basis all be light. If you live a life of vice, your Karma
basis will be heavy. Specific genetics factors in as well.
When we start to see a pattern of two critical factors that match in more than one area, it means there is a relationship, common origin, common basis. Evidence of contact is irrefutable. We can research and discover the nature of the contact.

Kamitan Scriptures state that Nubia is the ancestral land of the Gods & Goddesses
– Ecquatotorial Africa – Abundant Vegetation
– Sahara-now desert
– Asia minor – now desert
– South Africa

Royalty of Kemit resisted Asiatic control – established temples in Asia Minor & Europe to try to civilize the rest of the world. They wanted to share resources as they had the wisdom that hoarding resources breeds resentment. Colonies were set up in Kemit (Greeks, Indians, Asiatic). These colonies facilitated the degradation of Kamitan Culture in the late period. A culture of pleasure seeking developed as opposed to a culture of spirituality.

The ethnicity of the culture changes and culture encompasses your ethnic background. Even if the ethnic constitution changes, the culture should not change.

Ancient Kamitians recognized ethnicity. Race/racism was not a concept in Ancient Kemit.

The ultimate way to prevent change in culture is through segregation and nepotism.
stick together + help each other + keep others out of their group

Ethics and spiritual consciousness needs to be in harmony – all cultural factors will be a representation of ethics and spiritual consciousness

Three periods of Egyptian occupation in Asia minor – invaders from the North set up governors in certain regions

Unity and Peace is based on righteous ethics and spiritual consciousness

Nubian Culture ⇒ Cush Culture ⇒ Kamitan Culture

Nubia is the seed and Kemit is the flower

My Questions:
1. What are the 7 aspects of time and space?
2. How do I find my Karmic basis so that I can address my specific karmic issues that will allow me to have a light (not heavy) existence?