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Lesson 5


This lesson was very informative. What was interesting to me was the many contradictions found between the many books that are written. This seems to divide religions and to cause controversial debates between what is actually right. The focus is no longer placed on having a way of living, thinking, or just being. Although that it seems that the many different religions, where born from or stem from Kemetic religion and the teachings of Maat philosophies/ beliefs. This shows how religion is used more so to get people to believe their way instead of focusing the concept or principal of applying a way of living. This seems to steer away from the universal laws and place focus on the individualist goals of the religion itself. Although there are different names that reference the name of the creator, there is only one source. Another thing that was interesting to me was how the people in the Bible are descendants of Africans and how the many different religious leaders went into Egypt. Which shows the connection of how the many different costumes, religious beliefs/ practices, today are taken from one place, but customized to fit or promote the specific interest/ belief of an organization. It seems as if there is so much focus placed on the names of God and not the source, or principals that are applied to living a more peaceful, balanced, harmonious life