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Bastu Baket

Summary of Lesson


From the outset of this lesson, we are given dynamics of the use of fire of the life force energy and how Aset used it within the myth to burn away the ego mortality (ignorance of true self) of the personality of the baby prince, but the mother interrupts the process which represents the ego turning away from the purification process back to worldly delusion. I recall many occasions while in the meditation process, something will occur that interrupts that process as well. But now recognize it for what it is, ego preservation strategy. Then will be more aware of this in returning to meditative state and deepen the focus.

Lesson 14 continued with Sebai Maa taking us on a journey through various temples of Isis/Aset in other countries (Italy, etc.). I likened this to Aset searching for Asar’s body and finding pieces of it where she traveled. It proves how prevalent her teachings and presence are, while there may be deviations from the original it can be traced back.

Sebai shared methodical tips on the procedures to cleanse the mind, consolidate energy, form the sacred serpent and promote quietude. These are indeed very vital teachings to success in this practice of meditation that need to be inculcated and applied. The aspect of breath retention and “lighting up the subtle spine energy centers” allowed me to recall the 2020 NC teaching of Aset and the flint connection. There she is sparking the subtle energy centers. Understanding each aspect of the meditation process must also be instilled. Sebai brought out some nuances to the process in regard to the purification, being consciously aware and making use of the life force to raise the level of our conscious awareness. This life force energy is significant and must be promoted in a purified, balanced manner.

In demonstrating the nine parts of the personality we were given the path how the Serpent Power energy moves in a healthy, integrated fashion. I appreciated the aspect of the coals being a slow burn (with our Aset nature as the flint/spark), rather than a quick kerosene type of flame. This indicates that this movement takes time and is steadily bringing the personality in alignment with the purpose of the Taffy Shepsy, transforming and dissolving the ego of time and space and back to its true nature.

Also integrated were the teachings of Sage Amenemopet within this lesson of the all-important factor of keeping and being aware of Neberdjer and living by ethical conscience, Maat. These two are extremely foundational to achieve the lofty goal of Aset of being the “Knower of Ra.”

Q.: Any specific teaching you found remarkable or impactful in the teaching for you at this state, who do you think this teaching(s) impact was, is or will be on your spiritual journey?

A.: There are so many remarkable facets that have been offered but in sharing the methods of the Aset special meditation, I believe those will be most impactful in the steady process of this meditation and will certainly enhance the spiritual journey.

Dua Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, Bastu and ALL.