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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 13 Audio – An evening with Sebal Maa and Seba Dja Why is Shetaut Neter important?

I’ve learned that although there are other spiritual systems, disciplines and paths, Shetaut Neter is an authentic, wholistic path and practice that can help and lead one to the truth and enlightenment if one adheres to and fully understands the lessons and practices. You start with the myth, go on to the ritual and through the mystical to understand just what is the goal of life while on this planet.
This practice is especially beneficial because it addresses the spiritual, mental and physical aspects of a person in order to evolve to a higher being.

The main teachings are that we are all divine, divinity is in everything. Once you realize that, you begin to see more clearly and let go of negative thoughts and actions, and you let go of delusions.

I chant and meditate, I have been a vegetarian since childhood though it has been a battle with family, and I read or listen to the teachings as often as I can. Joining the online Sunday worship and the Thursday and Friday meditations has been so great because when everything closed due to quarantine I was feeling slightly disconnected