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L. G. Lopez

Level 1 – Lesson 13 Intro to SN Part 1b Video Time 1:01:42

The Ancients of Kemet practiced a highly evolved science of spiritual practices and philosophy called Shetaut Neter (hidden divinity).
These practices, spiritual and belief systems were already ancient before most of the world’s future spiritual and and belief systems came into being.
We have many types of evidence of this, such as the water damage and erosion to the Sphinx, astronomical correspondence and artifacts found from more than 10,000 years ago BC in Africa. There is evidence that there were very, very ancient cultures and societies existing in Africa.

Kemetians considered and taught that all in the universe is divine. These ancient teachings are still relevant and hold true for today. The ancients layed out everything about how to live life righteously — in tune with Nature, the earth and each other in order to become a better person and to be able to transcend and ascend in order to rejoin with the One supreme being.

There is an opposite to everything in the universe, yet everything in the universe is part of and leads to the ONE.

We can achieve this by learning about and practicing all stages of this belief system –
The stages are the myth, the ritual and the mystical. It is not complete without all three.

What impresses me most is that our ancestors left oral knowledge to be told and written knowledge on their temples, coffins, rocks, mountains, caves, papyrus scrolls and clay tablets — everywhere that they could write something down and paint something, they left us teachings in order to have truth and knowledge available for anyone to see that would or could lead someone to the secret teachings that only an initiate would receive. Because they not only thought of themselves they cared about future generations. They also warned about what could happen if you did not live righteously, or harmed yourself or anyone (including the animals and the earth).
So I don’t understand why this has been rejected for so long and discouraged and lied about when we can see the harm that we do. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes, yet in today’s world it seems as though people know they have made mistakes and do not care, also that the harm we cause is not by mistake – it is on purpose and yet people still seem not to care.