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Arit Neter S

Udja. Uben Nefer. Nehast.
Musical Aspirant Lesson 8 Feedback Reflections Part 2

Comments on Answers to Questions for Reflections: from the perspective of the Royal Personality, not Ego Personality.

1. Transform the Aryu, not thoughts, of the Unconscious Mind.
Express the Royal Personality, not the Ego Personality.
Set blurts out toxicity, duality, doubts, fears or just plain negativity first: best to remain silent and wait for the proper response.

2. You can build a strong foundation with Khak Ab, however, this is only one aspect of the process. The Pain of Life comes from being deluded. Inner Success comes when we follow the steps outlined by Goddess Aset, eg, Antet Begag, An Chen, Uhau, Ta Mi Ra, An NemuNemu, etc

Sebai compares Khak Ab to seeing a layer of old aryu like a pile of dirty laundry or a shedded skin. Something discarded and tossed aside. Left behind. Something that has been cleansed and now going down the drain. Never to be seen intact or experienced again.
The Royal Personality receives clarity and proceeds to detoxify; stays active and productive, too busy to be worrying.

The Present Moment is brimming with Potential. What can activate this potential? What can Transform Potential into Self Realization and Actualization? Cleansed Aryu: getting rid of dead weight, leaving the vessel as light as a feather.

The Cup Runneth Over with Blessings and Abundance.
The Past can be honored and appreciated because it has contributed to this moment of Now.
Once a sufficient level of Purification has been completed, the musical aspirant can choose to to spend time and energy on music, music shedy and/or study, any and all of which leads to an unending spiral of creativity: music, art and dance. Which leads to wellness and enlightenment.

An Chen.
Because this process never ends. The Aspirant Will always be faced with adversity as long as one is in time and space. The only comfort is in knowing the way through the Storms (in one’s own mind) to the calm seas with an nemu nemu, through meditation.
Use An Chen to Develop Necht. Go Beyond the Crocodile Tears.
The Pain comes from being deluded.
Joy comes from walking away from attachments and illusion.
Bliss comes from poisoning and destroying illusion.
Success is assured. Enlightenment is Success.

3. The True Self is separate from the Egoistic reflection 
“Illusory life is only a waste if it is lived as if it were Real instead of a Make Believe Story
If it is lived as if it were a manifestation of Spirit Being, then it is Glory. “ Sebai Maa
It is neither beneficial nor detrimental. It is Simply Life.

Real Life is wasted if it is weighed down by a heavy heart, when it is lived as if the past or future matter more than the present.
When we live as a Spirit Being, there is no benefit OR detriment, the Illusion just Is. Best to sit above creation in freedom and in peace, atop a lotus flower of Creation.

4. The Load of the Soul is Egoism.
The Soul has a load of Suffering because of Egoism
Both the Storm and the Calm occur within the Mind, not the Soul.
The Soul does not Suffer. Only the Body and Mind suffer because of delusion.

Keep the Self separate from painful reality and delusion of the world. 
Separate Entity, Separate Identity.
Poisoning the Delusion causes suffering to the Ego.
Thoughts in the mind are external to the Soul
Experience the Self
the Soul is the Ocean on which the Ego is Sailing.
The Ocean Nun Mind Stuff that the Sail is sustaining

Freeing the Mind from Illusion causes abiding joy and happiness.
Cleansing the Heart and Aryu from delusion establishes lasting peace and higher consciousness.
Soul Liberation is a True Cause for celebration
Success is achieved deep within.

The Soul has no feelings or desires.
These are External to your soul, in the externality of your mind, 
delusions that pop up at odd times.
These are external to Spirit Self.

Internal external,
Khak Ab the clutter, on every level.

5. New Focus of Musical Aspiration suggested by Spiritual Preceptors:
Soul Connection
‘Hit “THAT” Note, then share with others
Higher Strength to get through the struggles.
RP/HS don’t need all of this.
Higher realization is to realize the delusion of time and space

Its vacuum is meaningless. This does not mean it has no value.
“Meaningless does not mean in vain. It means that it does not have a basis in realityjust as a dream is meaningless once you wake up.” Sebai Maa,
While still in the illusion, do the things that lead away from suffering.
Life after Khak Ab is a life of Antet Begag and An Chen.
Seek out activities that lead to Nehast, to Asar.
Kemetic Proverb: who would work hard if they already had everything?

Bastu Yashi reminds us that this is an Excavation Process.

6. From Seba Dja Comments
“The Daytime of the Body is the Nighttime of the Soul. 
The Nighttime of the Body is the Daytime of the Soul”
Put Ego in Corner so the Soul can shine Brighter.
Live long enough, at least until Heru Rises Up.
Body Identifies as: What I Am
Truly we must Identify as Who Am I? Soul, Asar or Heru

When an aspirant is in a phase of expressing the suppression of Egoism, ie, 
describing how the Ego feels about being suppressed,
This is in actuality, the Daytime of Soul. The Soul is now able to be more active

When Aryu of Egoism rises up, what gets you out of there? Soul is Unaffected.
Heru and Aset are there. (External and Internal)
Patterns will repeat until Heru Rises up, or until it runs its course

7. Describe the Experience of the Soul Essence Within
 (See attached “poetic essay”)

Be Aware Of, Look For
Heru as the essential Nature, the Rising Up.
What prevents the patterns from repeating? What Is Heru essence

This is an aspect of the personality, that is the Rising Up, Pushing Out, Positive.
At different phases of Serving, Protection.
Impelling and Compelling Aspects of Ego & Aryu
Aspects of Self, Pure, Unaffected.
Watching, waiting for it to pass.
To Dissipate (Amun, USR)
Write the Other Half of this Story

Inner Strength of Heru is defeating Set, with assistance from Aset, Intuition.
How do I re-emerge?
What steps do I need to take?

Spiritual Growth in Degrees over time is the Standard for Success.
Recall your Improvement track record and Milestones
Amenomopet: Aspirants see the Glass half Full, always joyous and seeking enlightenment.
Seeing the glass halfway full? CONGRATZ You re almost there. 
Celebrate: the Victory that has already been attained.

(See attached “poetic essay”)

Written as if already achieved a Calm State or Response to Adversity.
Stay In The Shade (Antet Begag, An Chen, etc)
Sobek is available to carry the load. The load is the Ego of the Soul
Making Offerings to Aset and Amun
Phase of Reconstitution:
Cleansed Aryu
Purified Body and Mind
Heart Light as a Feather
Every Cell Atom Aryu Purified
Reformatted DNA, the Cosmic Blueprint
Follow this way to Success.
Actions that have been purified express the speech of Asar. Soul Speech.
Transcendental Causal Level, the level from which speech originates.

Create Positive Physical and Mental Environments so that you can experience the Intuitional Level.
Coming Back, manifestation of that transcends regular human.

Don’t think about it, Feel It. Thinking is not going to help you now. 
Go Beyond Thinking Speech.
When the Musical Aspirant is able to stop thinking and Be in the Flow, The Divine Essence will Flow through the Music of the Musical Aspirant.

9. Heru Ur is always there, know that the situation is being handled appropriately.
Remain Unaffected, no matter what is happening. Respond with positivity and certainly.
Pert M Heru is about the Death of the Ego before the Body dies.

(But what will the Unaffected Self DO All Day?)
Seeing others do well, succeeding at what I would like to do can serve as Inspiration that it can be done.
Seba Dja commented on the statement: “Life is a waste of time”
The death of the Ego is a great thing to an enlightened Sage

Sebai Maa’s comment: What needs to be done by anyone “under the knife” so the poison may die and the person live, like Ra.

The Rubric at IS #6
Live well, receive new name once you have been born through the Akhu teachings of the Goddess.
Enlightened Intellect, understand illusion of the world, remain in stillness. 
The new name is the Heru name.

Use one’s personality to protect the boat. Against the storm in the Ocean of Mind. 
The Ocean of Mind is creating your journey. We are Floating on the Ocean of Mind.
Success or failure is Simply a mater of having different Aryu, not due to superior intelligence or abilities.

10. Reflect on the Love Aset has for Asar. Divine Intuitional Wisdom loves the Soul.
How much she Loves Khepera and Neberdjer.

11. Vs 35-37: the poison overpowers the illusion. The Poison overpowers the Mind, the Ego.
The poison is in actuality a purifying remedy that 
flushes out toxicity and 
allows us to reset Our Divinity 
as a Royal Personality.

12. Metut tjet n-f
M aufe-fy mi
Tjef t Hapi 
m Chet f
Neterah Smenti 
n-f ab-f

…the poison was overwhelming him, overwhelming his entire body just as the Nile River overwhelms the land and over the vegetation at flood time. This Great God steeled himself as best he could and calmed his heart from all the stress temporarily…
Dua Aset Neru Aset Maakheru Aset

Current Musical Aspiration: RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF

1. a purified state of mind, consciousness and awareness,
2. An Internal Personal Connection with the Divinity of the Music residing within.
3. Creating and Producing high, pure vibrational level of spiritual, devotional, healing music and frequencies, along with high vibrational music videos and business practices, which lead up to

4. a music and wellness festival tour that is free of ignorance and has the potential and the capacity to lead the/My Self and others to Enlightenment.

Dua Seba Maa, Dua Seba Dja, Dua Bastu Heryt, Dua Aset Neteritah Aset.
Hotep Shems Arit Neter S Mery Maati