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Arit Neter S

Udja. For some reason, only the first part of the second poetic essay was posted.
Here is the poetic essay called The Emergence of the Soul Rise. Ny, a song will be offered as well.



Nuk Heru Necht
Come away from Set
When Aryu Bubbles up,
Turn towards the Emergence and Rebirth of the Soul.
Spiritual Aspiration is encountering the Death of the Ego,
Just a matter of time before it dwindles away…

Nuk Heru Necht
Turn away from Set
Turn towards the Divine, 
the way a Lotus turns towards the Sun
Turn off Your Mind.
Turn away from your notions of space and time.

How does it feel to turn towards the Divine?
Stepping into an Unknown that feels very familiar. 
Like living a long lost memory of a life from long ago.
Flashes of brilliance as I strive to re-member Who I am and the Way to Be.
Bittersweet to leave and yet Better to Go.
Choosing the Eternal over Fleeting Pleasures, brings a Joy that cannot her measured, 
no matter the outcome, let the will of Neberdjer be done.

The Joy is in the Journey.
When the Ego is Dying, the Royal personality is Shining.
When the Ego is Crying, the Royal Personality is Flying.
What the Ego finds Boring, Sends The Spirit Soaring.
The Higher Self is Undisturbed, Unperturbed.
Looking forward to the Eternal Day, Another Way.
Heading in a New Direction, Away from Resurrection.
Leaving behind what Deludes the mind

Heru Behudet
Awakening from a Dream
Leaving behind Lost dreams.
The Ego is Crying.
Fetters of Set are Dying
with a Heru Spear destroying evil forces.
Negative thoughts feelings and actions are being destroyed.
Heru battles the External while Aset conquers the Internal. All bases are covered.
Take care of these aspects of Self, these Powers.
Be amazed at how Egoism is dealt with by these powers.

I see a glass half full that turns into a rain shower with flowers and rainbows that flows into a stream of awareness.
Higher Self is Truth 
Spiritual Growth In Degrees over Time is the Standard for Spiritual Success.
Decreased activity, decreased frequency, decreased time for recovery. Increased latency.

Hotep. Shems Arit.

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