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Juan Calderon

Juan Calderon
Kemet 101: Introduction to Ancient African Civilization
“Our people originated at the base of the mountain of the moon, at the origin of the Nile.”
• The most Ancient Civilization
• Who were the Ancient Kamatians & Nubians?
• Why is it important to know?
• Flowering of African Culture
• Downfall of civilization
The question of “Race” is an illusion. All human beings came from one common ancestor. Her name was Lucy. Race was brought upon the world to control other cultures. A great lesson the United States and the world can learn if they just think. I understand, the ancient Africans valued their culture, their religion and their women. Treating women as equal, is a concept many people today still cannot fathom or accept. Harmony and balance I greatly appreciate.
Heru in the Horizon > HorMakhet =Sphinx- The Monument of Spiritual Consciousness. The oldest monument in the world.
Fascinating how our societies worldwide build monuments dedicated to financial institutions or people.
All religions originated in Kamat. This subject is what I think does not go well with many people.
“Feelings are good servants and poor masters”- Ancient Egyptian Proverb