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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 12- Insight into Integral Study By Seba Dja

We need the Temple because when humans become too involved in the world they become distracted, forgetting their true Nature.
Women and men are goddesses and gods.
Going to the Temple gives us another perspective, allowing us to to fulfill our potential.

Integral (Wholistic) Yoga practice is the process of personality integration.
Everyone seeks to be happy.
In the Integral Shedy Program there are four main disciplines of shedy that can lead to lasting happiness.
The four different aspects of personality are emotion, reason, action, will.
Happiness can be described as love, contentment, fulfillment, understanding, peace.
In order to become enlightened you have to integrate spirituality into all aspects of your personality. To do so you develop devotional love in your emotions, wisdom in your reason, righteousness and virtue in your actions, and meditation in you will to strengthen your willpower.

Who am I?
Your essential Nature is Divine. Knowing your true self leads to enlightenment if you continue to do what is right and work on yourself.
The Earth is a school, the things you experience here are the lessons for you to learn in order to advance and become enlightened. The karma you create dictates whether you move up towards enlightenment or you can fall down or become stagnated, moving away from enlightenment. Your soul will incarnate over and over again until you learn all of life’s lessons and pass all of life’s tests.