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Lesson 3


My take aways from this video was understanding the social structure, the truth about culture, and how true reality of the world transcends culture. He also talked the things that appear in to us in physical eye being being an illusion, and we looked at it under a microscope how it would look different. Talking about culture was extremely interesting to me being that we often us it to class, separate, or differentiate groups people. I know have an understanding that in a world of time and space, and because that is the only way we as humans can relate or find existence, that is just a product of culture. I thought it was also interesting that the social structure was lost when the temples were closed, how it was never restored, and the effects it has on the world we live in today.That explains a lot. The temples helped with establishing ethics and spiritual consciousness.Our people suffer today because of the lack of ethics and spiritual consciousness. Our values were lost, which seemed to be the hidden agenda that is still in effect today. We have excepted a water down version of religion. It seem as if what we valued most and what was scared to us, was the very thing used to enslave us.


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