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Arianna Howard
Kemet 101, Lesson 1

Greetings. I have just completed the first reading assignment. This study is very new to me; I am as a child being exposed for the first time. And so, I am not certain what to right as a part of my discussion. I am drawn to the idea of balance: balance of movement and scheduled time, the balance of spiritual discipline and practical duties. As a business owner, it is oftentimes challenging to devote time to spiritual discipline. I feel the calling, however, and respond as often as I can.

I am also drawn to this idea of peace occurring in degrees. Knowing that along my journey to enlightenment, I will experience peace instead of the conditioning that peace is an all-or-nothing state of arrival encourages me to keep pressing and keep refining my studies and time of spiritual discpline. I am excited to learn more and know more.