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L. G. Lopez

Kemet 101 – Lesson 11

The Ancient Ones gave us the myth of the battle between Heru and Set to teach us about our internal battles within ourselves to unite our higher and lower selves.

Learning about and following the teachings, reciting the chants, doing the meditations, postures, eating properly and conducting the daily observances of Neterianism and living the path of righteousness will lead one towards the Truth and the ability to become enlightened (awakened, Nehast).

Ancient Egypt came before all other civilizations, and there was an oral and written tradition from these Ancestors. Much of the oral tradition has been lost, destroyed, damaged or corrupted due to forgetfulness, colonialism and slavery.

Ancient Egyptians told us that they originally came from the land in Africa currently known as the Sudan and Ethiopia. The Ethiopia of today is not the Ethiopia that was named or misnamed by the Greeks.
Ancient Egypt is the source of most of the world’s religions. A lot of today’s descriptions and depictions of Egypt and Ancient Egypt are incorrect.
Muata Ashby and Cheikh Anta Diop’s books are a great source of information about Ancient Africa.