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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 1.2 – Introduction to Ancient Civilization
Major Themes

Proverb for the Day: Our People originated at the base of the Mountain of the Moon at the Origin of the Nile
Discussion Topics:
-The Most Ancient Civilization
-Who were the Ancient Kemetians & Nubians?
-Why it is important to know the Ancient Kemetians & Nubians
-The Flowering of African Culture
-Downfall of Civilization

Many people these days are following blindly a culture of self-importance, greed, synthetic fabrications. We need to start thinking for ourselves instead of following others blindly. Especially following a degraded culture blindly; a culture of enjoyment, egoism, and excess

Akur (sp?) the duality of creation and the non-duality of spirit

Be critical of symbols and what people are saying – investigate the deeper meaning of symbols around you.

African culture originally does not denigrate the female aspect of society. Women are seen as equals ancient African culture is not a patriarchal society. African culture is inherently balanced and understanding of the complementary opposites of male and female.

Culture dictates civilization and institutions within society. It is very important for us to have an understanding of what our culture is.

Before this last Ice Age there were people who moved out of Africa and moved into Europe and Asia. Homo Sapiens -150,000 years ago emerged in the central part of Africa (near Kenya and Tanzania). This area is known as where the Nile River begins at Mount Kilimanjaro. Nilotic people planned on a regular for the planting and sowing of seeds. Life was very consistent – society was based on the regularity of life and the consistency of nature.

“Lucy” – all human beings alive today came from one ancestor.

100,000 BC the land of Kemet – the question of race is bogus and an illusion! There is no basis in reality for race. This concept is used by one culture to oppress other cultures.

Culture is the view from which we see the world. Perineal philosophy – a culture that underlines all cultures and all myths. The one underlying desire in many cultures is the quest to “know self”. How can we discern the commonality of origins?

Joseph Campbell – The Hero with a Thousand Faces (book) – culture is a mask; manufactured reality to help you relate to the world.

To transcend culture is to know thyself – the spirit is the higher reality.

We are all brothers and sisters (SA, SAT); (SNT,SENT) – African culture is family as humanity

There are three main cultures in the world: Western, Eastern and Southern
The Most Ancient Civilization

The Sphinx – Hor m Akhet – Heru in the Horizon – the most ancient monument in the world!! Vertical striations in the monument came from water damage around 10,000 BC. Now, North East Africa is a desert. The sphinx temple was made of limestone and is the most ancient temple in Egypt. The sphinx was cut out of the stone.

We have to throw out all of our history books! We need to start our history in Kemet and learn the true history of Ancient Africa.

Today, banks and financial institutions are our monuments. Financial institutions are a monument to commerce, greed, and capitalism

In contrast, Heru is a monument of spiritual awareness and spiritual consciousness.
Heru’s headdress – the braided hair of a lion, serpent headdress and a beard. Hor m Akhet had a lion body and a human head – this symbolized being the master of the lower nature and the higher nature. His head was facing East. When the sphinx was built, around the vernal equinox of 10,500 BC the constellation of Leo was in the eastern horizon. This was the great year of Leo.

All Pharaohs wore this same headdress as Hor m Akhet. During the Dynastic Period, the same tradition was followed from beginning to end. It was a culture of religion, spirituality, philosophy, and high culture. Modern cultures have drawn from ancient Kemet to try to develop their own culture.

The Great Pyramid – shafts in the pyramid point to certain star constellations. The great pyramid is at least 374 years older than what we have been led to believe in history books. Kemet is the oldest civilization in history.

Ancient Egypt Is the Flowering Of African Culture
The lower part of The Great Pyramid was created at a more ancient date. All roads lead back to Kemet! This is why it is so important to understand Kemet. Kemet shows us our roots. All religions are like flowers in the garden. The Hebrews were ancient Egyptians that left Egypt; they were a culture of nomads in the land of Canaan.
Ancient Egypt included the lands of current day Persia, Iraq, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Turkey. Ancient Egyptians looked like Nubians and Indians, contrary to Hollywood’s depiction of Ancient Egyptians. Hollywood is about profit, not about reality. Hollywood perpetuates the illusion of the degraded culture.

What can we call the West? Civilization is the art of being civil; the art of building, the art of living in cooperation and creating righteousness and good. Western culture is not civilization. Western culture is based on violence.

1.What books that you have written do you recommend for upper elementary and middle school students to study the history of Ancient Egypt and the African origins of the world? I would like to share that with my fourth grader as the “social studies” curriculum in his program is lacking.

2.Are there parallels between zodiac signs and Kemetic spiritual traditions? If so, what resources can you point me to for a study of Ancient African astrology?

3.Do you have any resources or books that discuss the difference between Western, Eastern and Southern culture?