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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 1.1 Introduction to the Egyptian Yoga Book Series – Major Themes and Questions
Major Themes
A Road Map for Kemetic Studies:
1. Egyptian yoga – the primer and mother of all the books
2. Egyptian mysteries
3. African Origins of African civilization & African origins of western civilization

One will be led to read the other books based on one’s inclination and spirituality
Once you get an intro to Egyptian Yoga, knowledge of the Shedy disciplines of Kemitan Spirituality will enlighten the personality and cleanse your heart.
Life’s stresses and tests will help the truth to come out. Guidance is needed along with self-study to help you pass these “tests”.

Disciplines of neterian religion – Sema Tawi or Egyptian yoga: Yoga is more than just postures, these books provide the knowledge of the foundation of Egyptian yoga to lead you into a spiritual understanding of what yoga should be

The Book of Coming Forth by Day – the book of the dead is not the Bible of Ancient Egyptians. The Asarian resurrection is the foundational knowledge of the ritual teaching
– Myth + Ritual + Mysticism
– MAAT Philosophy + Meditation + Devotion + Wisdom Teachings
– Four Fold Way of Being as an African = Ethical Conscious + Will Aspect + Feelings and Emotions + Intellect

The Temple of Aset – give yourself entirely to the process of study, reflection, and meditation on the teachings. How will you progress on the path if you do not devote yourself? You must make a way! Meditation is a purification process : purified heart, purified feelings, purified intellect and positive aryu

Devotion – worship at home and community worshipat the temple. Three times a day devotion at home. Build a personal altar at home to focus your devotion to the neteru. Devotional love is a love for higher consciousness. Lack of control of desires causes interference on the spiritual path. The problem with discontent in society is codependency, for example facebook and social networks – you are “always on” – constantly photo journaling your life. The digital age decreases privacy, increases stress, increases the toxicity of the environment, and hastens the decay of the world.

Tantrism and Serpent Power – Tantrisim is not sex-driven yoga. It is instead the connection of heaven and earth. The serpent power discipline is for the initiated only! One needs to be physically, emotionally, and intellectually purified in order to proceed with the serpent power yoga practice.
There is a male and female balance in tantric yoga.

As you move along your spiritual practice, you will not be dependent on relationships for happiness because you have cultivated your own deep internal happiness. The initiate was led into the inner shrine alone. Your soul mate is Asar or Aset or the divinity that leads you.

What is true virtue? You must identify true virtue before you can move along the spiritual path. All passions that interfere with your walking along the path of virtue must be expended before you can proceed. The goal is to be happiness, be joy, be peace. It is important to shift away from worldly values and to shift toward spiritual values.

The Matrix of African Proverbs Compilation- there is a spiritual focus in true civilization. In true civilization, there is a priority on ethical conscious. True civilization allows humans to exist in ranges of harmony.

The process of creating generates ecstasy within the creator. When the creative process is motivated by unchecked and unbalanced actions, the creator creates disorder and insanity in society. The rampant sociopathic and psychopathic leadership in our society today is a result of this disorder.

Heru is not the opposite of Set. Aset is the opposite of Set. Intuitional wisdom is the opposite of Egoism.

The Duty of Healing – Three-Fold Health: Mental + Physical + Emotional. The Temple of Hetheru was an ancient hospital. Sleeping near the temple was a way to access divine healing energy. The dream state is the astral body. The Kemetic Diet = Food for the Body + Food for the Mind + Food for the Soul.

The Collapse of Civilization – the UK is the biggest colonizer in the world. There is an increase in the rate of increase in global temperature. We must have a mindset for the future. How do we prepare for the future spiritually? How do we protect our progeny from the collapse of civilization?

1. Is virtue the same as values? For example the Via Character Strength profile and test ( identifies 24 character strengths and values that motivates people. Also there is a trend for therapists to help a client identify their values and they say discontent and unhappiness in life is caused by one not living within their values. Is true virtue separate from values?
2. There is a common theme in sociology that says we are social creatures and need social interaction to survive. Is this true? Is the need for social interaction the same as codependency? The social interactions on social media are not fulfilling. Is social media a degradation of healthy community because of its ability to have people hide behind perceptions?
3. I am extremely interested in global economics and the interplay between macroeconomic systems. I am noticing evidence that global trade (especially trade that is dependent on the exploitation of India and China for labor) is coming to a halt. Will that hasten the collapse of civilization (i.e. the collapse of UK global colonialistic/capitalistic domination) or is it possible for the oppressed societies to use this slowing down of global commerce to liberate themselves from the hold of sociopathic and psychopathic colonizers? Do you have more economic books coming?