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Udja- Greetings,
Both lessons covered so much important information that supports the spiritual growth and awareness, to help one understand the foundation and origination of what was, to make sense of self and the world we live in today. There is so much to our history that has never been talked about or shared in schools and books, that it all can seem a little overwhelming and exciting, all at the same time. The real/ true identity of who we are as a people, community, culture/ civilization, has been stripped, robbed, and stolen for so many years, that it brings understanding to why it is important for me to know myself. There is so much I have to learn, and I am so grateful to join a community that will help push me towards enlightenment. I am in a position where I am deconstructing my mind from what was taught and reconstructing my mind with the truth. Some of the important themes from videos, but not limited to are; 1. Learning and understanding Egyptian yoga. 2. Knowing and understanding where to start in my studies was very informative. 3. Learning and understanding the Kemetic philosophy, culture, civilization, rise and fall. 4. Understanding the Kemetic culture, civilization, and philosophy. 5. Knowing that all religions having the same flower garden. For so many years I have never understood the religious controversy or debate over religion. When we all come from the same source. 6. Understanding the connection between Ancient Africa and India.