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Arit Neter S

These are “poetic essays” are part of the Lesson 8 Feedback Reflections and Review.They are the answers to questions or suggestions posed by Sebai Maa and Seba Dja.
The actual assignment is a work in progress, and will be posted soon.

The Experience of the Soul Essence Within

“Darn! This could be the end of Me. I see what I never thought I’d see: My Royal Personality is Strong enough to stand up to Me. Free of fear, free from ignorance.” Set

While the Ego dies, Spiritual Strength will Rise
The Soul Essence can Realize The True Self.
 The Door to the Mind closes because the Oneness of Light from the heart needs no more thoughts. The voice of the Mind is silenced because the Mind of the heart does not need to hear the sound of duality. It simply feels and knows what is Real, and has no need for the unreal. One door closes, another one opens.

When Heru is Rising, 
there is no need to be worried about protection or fighting 
off the fetters of Set, 
because the vibration of 
the Spiritual Aspiration 
has the power to withstand any opposing or toxic vibration, 
simply by existing and having awareness of the higher existence. 
There is nothing to fear, nothing to do, 
except to continue 
to exist in this mental state of stillness and 
open to the mind in the Sacred Heart Chamber 
that is Oneness.

The vibration of Oneness, of Awareness of Neberdjer, 
is what prevents the patterns from repeating. 
It is by remaining in the frequency of Divine Intuition 
instead of egoism and thinking. 
It is by remembering: the Soul is Who I Am, Who We Are.

By living in alignment with and in awareness of the Universal Spiritual Reality.

The cause of the death of the Ego is Awareness of the Ego as distinct from One’s Self. 
While the Ego Dying, Spiritual Strength is Being born. The Royal Personality is becoming clearer to the eyes of the aspirant, whereas before, it appeared cloudy and could not be seen clearly or identified. Some might say the Royal Personality is being born while the ego dies, however that is not true. The Royal Personality is always there; The AWARENESS of the Royal Personality is being revived and remembered. The Higher Awareness is being born.

After the battle has been won, after the Inner Strength of the Aspirant defeats Set, with assistance of Divine Intuition, the Aspirant Re-Emerges in Victory, having gained level of Spiritual Strength that will last eternity. The Aspirant will never have to fear the battle again. Perhaps, as a spiritual warrior, will look forward to and cherish these tests, exercises, lessons, challenges, and experiences. The adversities can now be Seen as opportunities to gain even greater spiritual strength to face the illusions and decisions that appear In the mind from time to time.

Turning away from Set, you begin to see, to feel and to know, the Truth of Your essence. You begin to turn towards this essence instead of looking to the mind for answers. You look to the god of the heart. You begin to seer every glass as not only half full, you see every glass as full.



Nuk Heru Necht
Come away from Set
When Aryu Bubbles up,
Turn towards the Emergence and Rebirth of the Soul.
Spiritual Aspiration is encountering the Death of the Ego,
Just a matter of time before it dwindles away…

Nuk Heru Necht
Turn away from Set
Turn towards the Divine, 
the way a Lotus turns towards the Sun
Turn off Your Mind.
Turn away from your notions of space and time

Dua Sebai Maa. Dua Seba Dja. Dua Aset.
Shems Arit.

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