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Tonya Octave

Lesson 14 Video presentation on meditation
What are the central teachings in the audio Lecture? The introduction to the Glorious Light Meditation System. The Glorious Ligh Meditation was the first known meditation practice in history. During this meditative practice, the student is to visualize a circle with a dot in the middle. Then the student imagines themselves in the circle.
In the Per M Heru text, Asar dies; he is resurrected and becomes the Netherwood king. If one’s heart is heavier than MAAT, then they have lived an unrighteous life in the world. They will experience suffering in life, and you will reincarnate. This pattern repeats until the person changes and moves toward the Neberjer. If your heart is equal to MAAT, you will serve Asar in his house in the Netherworld. If your heart is lighter than MAAT, lighter than a feather, you transcended and will be allowed to sit on the throne of Asar. This is when the soul becomes one with Asar.
The postures will enable you to act, feel, experience, and be like the Gods/Goddesses. The physical postures are divided into 5 phases from before the beginning to a higher constitution. Your practice has to be an integral practice applying oneself in all areas. This will help each part of your personality to be in balance.
One thing you want to learn from my spiritual preceptor is how to reason. The preceptor is a troubleshooter and is there to help guide me correctly. The spiritual preceptor also solves the mysteries of the world. One should learn how to think and how to respond to things in the world. This is what a spiritual preceptor will guide an initiate in doing. The preceptor has wisdom. Wisdom is the combination and integration of knowledge and experience.