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Tonya Octave

What are the main teachings in the audio Lecture?
Today one must start with practicing meditation. At least 5 minutes/day. The initiate sits quietly during their meditation. The chant is (Om, Amun, Ra, Ptah). Some chants are: Om is the existence, and Amun, Ra, Ptah are the trinity. As one breathes in, you chant silently (mentally) and verbally say the chant as one exhales. If you find your mind gets agitated, chant faster and calmer, repeat the practice slower or in silence.
What impressed me most in this presentation?
I like having a structure with my daily practice. I can dedicate 5-10 minutes several times during the day. I often find myself in the middle of the night doing a chant. My mind still gets agitated at times but saying it faster helps those thoughts to disappear.