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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 14
What themes were brought out and what impressed me about this lesson.
Introduction to Shetaut Neter part 1 and 2
Part 1: Hx
During this lecture, SM provided a very detail discourse on the History of Shetaut Neter so that despite what non-followers may think and say, we as Shemsu Neter can unapologetically and undoubtingly know that we are practicing a perfected spiritual practice, one that is the source of all other religions around the world, not “Primitive Speculation,” or what I have been told “Paganism.”
Sebai Maa shows how the term Shetaut Neter is not a made-up term by him or any lover of Ancient Egypt, however it is written in the Medtu Neter and means secret, hidden Divinity. One of the things I love most about Ancient African Religion, Shetaut Neter is that it is for all humanity and it does not discriminate.
Another thing that I am impressed with is the cultivation of the Sema Institute and the Temples of Shetaut Neter. Without them, I would only be left with my love for history and adorations of Ancient Egypt. But with these establishments, I am gifted with the opportunity to follow an authentic religion as this has always been something very important to me and something I actually prayed for, to be delivered to the path of my ancient ancestors after growing up and seeing what Western Christianity and Rastafarianism was all about.
The fact that we are able to justify with sound evidence that Shetaut Neter is an indigenous African Religion was another thing that impressed me in this lecture.
The mentioning of John Henrik Clarke’s quote brought me back to who I first heard of it from, it was from a highly educated sister of mine, and when I look back, it was what the quote that made me begin to search and develop interest in African Religion because at that time I was beginning to surface Buddahism. This helped me to see how the Divine places various things in one’s life to lead one to their heart’s desire, hence having to be very careful with what one places in their heart and desire for.
“To be most successful, must live not just study the teachings or reverence it. Must be uncovered and cleansed continually.” These statements truly resonated with me because I have always said that I want to be one to live the teachings and not just get through to check boxes, hence it impressed me to see it as a teaching at the very foundation of learning about Shetaut Neter. Everything I have learned thus far I have tried my best to implement it and I noticed the changes that it has been able to have on my life. It is making me stronger, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I can now say I understand and have shifted what I pursue to make me happy, because the teachings are true, seeking anything outside of your Self ends or has a problem in it, but true abiding happiness comes from what is never changing. So being able to hear the proverbs and meditate on them, engrains this in my heart making it harder and harder for me to desire anything other than being One with the Divine. I don’t get tired of lectures or reading, praying, fasting, meditating, and being in the presence of my preceptors because I know in doing so it keeps my mind immersed and connected to the Divine. I may not have all the accolades but I must say that I do feel like I am beginning to walk in my life’s purpose – still much growth to be made but I am grateful to be on the path.
A few points that stood out regarding the Temple make up and policy regarding who and how practices are and were engaged in:
Maati – represented by the pylons – going through the doors of the temple represents – seeking non – duality.
The door represents ASAR (please elaborate more).
Three levels manifesting throughout everything in Ancient Egyptian Religion (mind/consciousness, aspiration, the architecture of the temples, etc.).
I can appreciate how SM and SD had made significant efforts to follow the path and ways of the temple and how they dispense the teachings.
Part Two
This video provided a lecture on 4 Neterian Principles. These are the 4 Great Truths of Shetaut Neter – Maa Ur N Shetaut Neter (SN).
They encapsulate the entire philosophy of SN – these are important to help with understanding the depths of the philosophy.
Understanding and practicing the discipline brings one to the discovery of enlightenment.
These are Formulas/codes that help understand the disciplines that must be followed and practiced while on this path. They are as followed with a few points that stood out in the lecture about them:
1st Pa Neter ua ua Nebedjer m Neteru
One supreme being (one one, one without a second) and manifest as Nebedjer (everything) – 1st key to understand. The Supreme being is hidden, and this mystery must be discovered by all men, women and gods and goddesses
2nd An Maat swy saui set s-khemn
Addresses the impact of lack of Righteousness
“Inj set” affliction of set, disease, mental diseases: anger, greed, hatred, etc and the cure is Wisdom/Aset. Those who are wise can not be egotistical.
The concept of Satan derived from the philosophy related to Set and emerged in Judaism. This concept takes the responsibility away from a person, from cleansing within because they blame an entity outside of themselves for negative/fettered doings.
There is no devil in SN – only wisdom or ignorance that can make you act in demonic ways, but it does not make you a demon or devil.
The Unrighteousness of ignorance is the worst thing, there is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance.
Loss of truth is the first down fall of humanity.
Set is not a devil, he actually has the ability to stop entropy from trying to stop creation from flowing.
Unrighteousness leads to ignorance, fettering of the personality, causes one to be conscious of ego, self as an ego, mortal being. But if one acts with righteousness, it will aide one with coming into harmony with cosmic order and then lifted from/freed from fetters.
3rd S-Uashu s Nafu n saiu Set
Devotion to the Divine leads to freedom from the fetters of Set.

Ari shedy rekh ab m Maakheru
Doing shedy disciplines leads to knowing oneself – and this causes one to be true of speech- established in truth – Akhu, Enlightened person.