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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 10 – Intro to Shetaut Neter by Dja Conference 2008

Het Neter = Temple
KMT = Egypt, Africa

The teachings of Kemet from the ancestors must be lived, practiced and revered, not solely understood intellectually. If you are learning, living and practicing the sacred teachings, then Kemet is where you you are, and you everywhere you go you take it with you. Having a sacred space is needed in order to take refuge from worldly distractions.

The story given to us of goddess Hetheru in a rage and wanting to kill in her madness is to show us an analogy of our own behavior when we are ignorant and allow ego to take over. The potion of blood, beer and mandrake is the restorative potion to bring Hetheru back to her senses and to remember her true original Nature.
Blood – intoxication with worldly desire
Beer – intoxication with worldly pleasure
Mandrake – intoxication with Bau (souls of Ra) this last ingredient is the peace that comes with Self – Knowledge.

We are here to learn how to become One with the Divine, to remember and know our true selves.

This has been such a relief to learn more and more about Shetaut Neter. Even though I thought that I had resisted much of the programming and brainwashing from the church and synagogue that I attended with family growing up (I only say this because in my teens I learned from both the priest and the rabbi what a nag I was with all of the questions I constantly asked when I was even younger) I realize that perhaps some of the programming has stayed in the back of my mind – but I’m not sure if that’s from the Bible and the Torah, I think it’s more from everyday things I have encountered that aren’t even necessarily taught at synagogue and church. How do I let go of feeling pulled in all directions when I also feel (since childhood) like I do know that what I have been taught isn’t all true (or misconstrued)?