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Level 1 Lesson 7 Audio Assignment 224A. What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice?
What are the main teaching brought out in the audio lecture recording.
In Ancient Kemet the practice of the discipline was called Shedy which means to dig deep into the teachings, by doing activities which allowed the initiate to penetrate the hidden mysteries.
The word sheti which sounds the same but spelled different, means that which is resurrected.
The human being who lived a life not based on Maat and the spiritual mysteries was considered dead.
Living a life not based on the spiritual path is surrounded by adversity, setbacks and frustration.
There are 3 overriding principles necessary for the success in spiritual practice (1) cultivating virtue (2) bringing virtue into your daily life (3) continuous spiritual practice in truthfulness. Truth is to go beyond faith and beliefs, because what is true for me today may not be true tomorrow. The truths I know are based on time and space, which is not abiding, it’s illusory.
Listening to the truth will do nothing for me; I must purify my thoughts, my body, and be humble.
This includes not procrastinating, by putting off the teaching, until I acquire some worldly desires.
My shedy should be steady and balance with the virtues of Maat.