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Level 1 Lesson 7 Reading Assignment.

The lotus is a symbol of shetaut neter, meaning the turning toward the light of truth, peace and transcendental harmony.
What kind of text is papyrus of Any? A coffin text.
The symbol of Neter is an Ankh? False.
What is the meaning of the term Neteru? Neteru means gods and goddesses.
Teachings from any of
the temples leads to an understanding of the others, and these all lead back to the same source, the highest divinity.
There are 3 main traditions in Shetaut neter. False.
The Anunian tradition relates how RA emerged from a primeval ocean and how human beings were created from his tears.
The Memphite tradition relate to the God Patah and the gods and goddesses who are his thoughts, go to form the elements of nature and the cosmic forces that maintain nature.
In what period did the temple of Amun become important? The temple became very important in the early part of the New Kingdom Era.
The goddesses as well as the female gender were respected and elevated as male divinities in Kemetic religion? True.
The tradition of Asar, Aset and Heru was practiced generally throughout the land of ancient Kamit.
Teaching of the Aton tradition are related to the neter Aton.