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Bastu Baket

Reply to Uab Setna Nebi Ra’s Post 21745 Sage Amenemopet’s Lesson 16 Assignment

Dua Uab Setna for your insightful reflections on Lesson 16. I find you have a very endearing way to impart a personal touch to your highlights of a lesson, in this case “listening to your grandparents.” Indeed, they must have been quite wise to share this same type of teaching.

Some of the key points I also concur with and that this lesson certainly stressed is being aware and trusting in the Divine Plan, aligning with Maat and being a silent person. Indeed, these are recurring themes with a specific purpose to keep reminding us so as to not forget (an sekau).

Sebai Maa and Seba Dja also had a very interesting discussion about willful ignorance that brought Sebai Maa to share the 2 levels of will: Illusory and Divine Plan. So, when we consider ourselves to be egoistic individuals we are only thinking in the terms of the illusory world of time and space and are therefore, stuck in the cycle of constant rebirth. In reflecting upon this, the aligning with Maat and trusting the Divine Plan, becoming a silent person, from Sage Amenemopet’s teachings, allows for freedom of the compelling/impelling Aryu in an enlightened state. Conversely, being a heated personality, not aligning yourself with Maat or trusting in the Divine plan continues the cycle of Aryu and the unenlightened state. So, which would you rather choose willful ignorance or enlightenment?

In Verses 9, 10 & 19 included in this lesson were about psychological, physical and spiritual violence. How our thoughts and actions can lead to a type of violence that may harm others or ourselves mentally (thoughts of hatred, greed, lust, jealousy), physically (some may actually do harm to others) and even spiritually (denigrating priests/priestesses, etc.)

The teachings of Sage Amenemopet are quite practical and clear in what steps we need to utilize: being and remaining aware of Neberdjer, being a silent person by controlling your speech and thoughts, aligning and acting in righteousness and truth, allowing the Divine Plan to guide you.

Bastu Baket