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Ab Setna

In this dissertation of the teachings, several profundities are relayed beginning with verse 5. As was and is promulgated throughout the series so far is the continuing ideal of correct behavior and correct thinking and I may add, ones’ perception of the world of time and space. Where Sebai noted, that we assume things happen randomly, not giving consideration to the fact that there was a contributed origin to the experiences we can sometimes find ourselves in. We then tend to extricate ourselves from the situation and not accepting responsibility for our prior actions, instead asking god, why me?
It is interesting how the teachings at different times all coincide, or aptly put, seem to have a connecting tissue. In this regard, we find the teachings of the Kybalion is herein expressed, with the concept of the Ab Neter, the mind of God, who is Djehuti, and Djehuti also is the author of the Kybalion which speaks on the ideal of Cause and Effect.
Sage Amenope expounds further through verses 15;16 and 17, where he now shares the effect of wrong thinking and having a reality based on feelings. Sebai describes how the general culture cower in our insecurities, feelings, not wanting to be challenged in our beliefs, etc. As if someone or something can deny our existence. In living that way, one will never find peace. Sebai cited that as an extreme case of the pathology of Egoism and the opposite of glorification. In verse 18 , this pathology is seen as an affront to ones’ own spirit.
Instead, what should be striven for, is the control of speech, control of mind, essentially ethical living. Sebai posited that this is the reason why the Wisdom Texts are a foundation for Maat Ethical Wisdom and even should be seen as a prerequisite for enlightenment.
Verse 18 shares where we should surrender our will, to the will of the Divine and have a trust that there is something greater. Learning how to cultivate our silence, transposing energies that are distracting and redirecting them to what is higher. Living a spiritualized life should be seen as a boon for higher evolution.
Chapter 25 vs 9&10 speaks on the form of abuse, being both physical and psychological. Herein Sebai shared that if you want to know Gods plan, study Maat Philosophy and that Maat Wisdom is the sociological plan of God.
Some of the points that stood out in the remaining verses as I’ve already exceeded my limit , Sebai spoke on our movement should be spiral and not circular. And if we live as heated personalities we will never experience true spiritual well being. That we should be experiencing eternity and infinity here and now, raising the subtle body.
The lesson was complimented with chapter 78 vs 13 14, whose utterances dictates being vigilant and being aware as is the concurring theme. Being aware of what? Being aware of Gods plan. So if our will is surrendered to Gods will, then Gods plan is our plan!
Listening and reading to Sage Amenomope teachings at times has a familiar feeling to it, as if I’m listening to my grandparents.
Dua Sebai Maa, Sba Dja, Sage Amenomope., Shepsu, Hmu! Htp.
Ab Setna Nebi Ra.