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Tonya Octave

Reading reflections “Initiation into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality Workbook” (10-23)
In the readings a few things stood out to me. One, the initiation process. The process of initiation is a process and should not be thought of or experienced in terms of an event. An initiate will experience many things on the journey. The goal is towards enlightenment. The method of teaching the initiate is referred to as the “Initiatic Way of Education.” The initiate is initiated into a philosophy and should use all opportunities to study, reflect, and meditate on the teachings. The methods of teaching are usually passed down from teacher to student. The process of teaching involves activities that will purify the heart. There are three levels for initiates to think about in this process: aspiration, striving, and established. Aspiration is similar to a probation status. At this level one is awakening the spiritual self, is becoming aware of a divine presence, and faith in a spiritual essence. Striving has some inner vision and progressing towards a cosmic consciousness and spiritual discipline. The initiate works to surrender ego. Established is one who is come united with God. There is an illumination of the intellect. There is the interconnectedness with the individual and the universal. There are two challenges present within a society that prevents continued practice of initiation (1) lack of interest in scriptures (2) lack of authentic spiritual preceptors available.