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Tonya Octave

Lesson 13 Introduction to Shetaut Neter
Main teachings in this lesson? Shetaut Neter is recognized by the IRS based on those who want to make donations for tax benefits. There is no affiliation with any other religious/ spiritual organizations. It is important to have a righteous initiate and a teacher in order to practice towards spiritual enlightenment.
There are many people in life looking for happiness. They are on the wrong path. They are looking towards worldly things (cars, money, partners, children) to fulfill this happiness. One will not achieve happiness because it is not true. The truth is looking towards the Neter, to find what is abiding, true happiness.
The complete practice of religion involves three steps. One should listen, reflect, and meditation. The most important myth is the Asarian myth (Asar, Aset, and Heru) and Set. The purpose of life is to reenact the myth so the characteristics of the myth can revive one. This reenactment can bring one back to their true self.
There are many practices of Shetaut Neter: Tradition of Aset, Tradition of Heru, Tradition of Asar. There are many systems to practice but they are all based on one traditional teaching.
There was a review of the “Four Great Truths.”