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Tonya Octave

Evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja, Why in Shetaut Neter Show.
What are the main teachings in the audio Lecture? At the beginning it may be difficult for some to integrate all the Shedy practices collectively. There were suggestions to start with 1-2 practices and then go back to work on all of the spiritual practices. These practices bring one closer to the divine. You begin to see the divineness in others. Other people are operating in the world most of the time through ignorance. You don’t want to harbor ill or negative feelings towards others because they are struggling with their ignorance. One should be a master of one’s emotions. The problems in the world exist within oneself.
A question was posed in terms of what happens to animals after death. Sebai Maa explained the concepts of ARI and how it directs one in the next life. At the end of life, you are judged and this judgment sends you towards the things you created. You may be reincarnated into a higher form or to a lower form (animal). One is creating their destiny.