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Lesson #8
Gerry Jackson< Aspiriant

Before the Songai Empire ,Timbuktu ,Mali . Ghana there was Kamit, a fully
developed Religious system, the earliest physical evidence recorded.
It is important to study Neterian Spirituality because it is the origin of the present
day world religions and also there is documented proof by others and Dr. Ashby
that has shown that Shetaut Neter has influenced the Dogon, the Yoruba, the Buddish
the Hindu and Christianity religions…Christianity being directly influenced and
also Judaism and Islam as well.The idea of a devil is a philosophy developed by the
Jews, a creature that is out of harmony with God. I n neterianism there is no such
concept, there is ignorance of one,s true self which leads one to act in demonic ways,
out of harmony with creation. In this state man is capable of unspeakable acts of cruelty.
Neterianism is an African Religion….. it teaches that there is one Supreme Being,
manifesting in the form of lesser beings with lessor powers, they do the work of
sustaining creation.
Neterianism is not polytheistic, as is taught by some
Our/my job in time and space is,
“ Men and women are to become Godlike through a life
of virtue and cultivation of the Spirit through scientific
knowledge practice and bodily discipline” Ancient Egyptian Proverb.

“ Searching for one,s self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.” AEP.
Happiness does not come from outside of ourselves.. it comes from within. The true
purpose of life is to become one with God, our Creator.
Another Ancient Egyptian Proverb : “ Grief is natural to the mortal world, and
is always about you;pleasure is a guest,
and visiteth by thy invitation; USE WELL
THY MIND, and sorrow shall be passed behind
you; be PRUDENT and the visits of joy shall
remain long with you.”
The illusion that the world gives through the media , T.V., hollywood is everything is
that everyone is successful beautiful smiling and enjoying life, which we know is not
true, and if we follow that way if thinking it leads to disappointment unhappiness and
There is a place for adversity in life, it is Gods way of calling our attention away from
the negative ways of life to draw our attention to search for something deeper more
satisfying, something that gives peace to the soul.
“ There are two roads traveled by humankind,
those who seek to live MAAT and those who seek to satisfy their animal passions”.