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Tonya Octave

Insight into Integral Shedy by Seba Dja
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
Individuals forget who they are as they come into the world and engage in worldly activities. Goddess Nut is the heavens, the higher self. Each of the divinities are representations of the higher self. Worship of that divinities allows one to work on that higher aspect of themselves.
Pleasure (transient happiness) vs true-abiding happiness. When things are going well, prosperity continue your Shedy. When things are difficult, one experiences adversity you continue with your Shedy. Adversities are opportunities to practice your spirituality in a mature manner. There may be little challenges and/or more difficult situations, this gives your opportunities to practice your spiritual growth. Adversity gives you space to figure out what the spiritual lesson is for you.
Karma/Ari is a to do list. The universe will present you with a test and maybe the person does not pass the test. The universe will give you other tests to get you to work through the lesson. One will need to pass these tests as a level of proficiency.
Nuk Nut is the blue sky (how one can understand themselves). The clouds are beneath the sky. The clouds condition the sky. The clouds are representations of the ego. Set is a representation of the ego. The ego presents thoughts into the mind, I am lonely, I am an individual I am a body. The higher self is a representation of the sky. A depiction of Heru with two heads; one with MAAT and one with unrighteousness. This is a representation of one person. There is an integration and transformation as one begins to work on the ego.
Soul Vs soul (individual). Soul is the higher self. There is only one Soul and the soul has been conditioned incorrectly because of egoism.
Virtues of initiates: Control your thoughts, control you action, have devotion of action, have faith in your master’s ability to lead you to truth, have faith in your own ability to accept truth, have faith in ability to accept and act with wisdom, be free from resentment under persecution, be free from resentment under experience of being wrong, learn to distinguish between right and wrong, learn to distinguish between real an unreal. This checklist must be completed in order to complete Nahast.
4 types of mental cloud:
lucidity, egoistic thoughts have been thinned out. Once can experience their state of peace. This is can be egoless.
Dullness, low self-worth, narcissism, low self-esteem, etc
Dull to agitated
Agitated state of mind
One can’t change the world. One should realize one is wasting one’s time and energy. Everyone has to go through their process of trial and error, their reincarceration. One should intensify and be consistent with Shedy practice, practice higher forms of selfless service (spiritual teacher), and good association. This is a purification practices to un-dullify the mind. One wants to be Self though righteousness.
There are phases in which the initiate may become complacent. Devotion, meditation, selfless services, and wisdom are keys to addressing the 4 types of mental cloud.
How am I implementing the teachings? I am working to listen, reflect, and medicate on the teachings. I notice I spend time within myself is exploring more about my ego and how things I experience in life are part of an illusion. When I reflect on the virtues of the initiates the two that stand out more to me. One is distinguishing between right and wrong. My ego at times convinces me something may be right but indeed this is how I am being tricked, or trying to trick myself. Two is distinguishing between what is real and unreal. I also get tricked by my ego as it wants to believe something is real in time of space. The illusion convinces me this brings comfort, satisfaction but the only real essence is Neberjer.
As one is working towards or transitioning from lucid, dull, and agitated mind states towards the purification process. How is this connected to Ari? Are we born into the world in which we all start off with a Lucid state or does our Ari determine this?