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Tonya Octave

Intro to books into Egyptian Philosophy and Postures systems part 1 and 2
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture? Kamit and Kush.
The origins of the Kamitians originated from Sudan (Kush) and referred to by the Greeks at Ethiopia. This is not the same Ethiopia we refer to as today.
In terms of the world religion Shetaut Neter was the first in existence and all other religions came later.
Egyptians were ones who wore feathers on their headdress.
All mater that existent in creation emerges from the one. This primeval essence emerged and it will go back into itself, then emerge again, and repeat over and over. One should not want to get caught up in this re- creation. This creation brought Paut Neter, Gods and Goddesses, the 10 divinities. These 10 divinities represent a subtle and gross principle of creation. The 5 upper divinities represent the upper aspects of creation. The lower 5 divinities are directed towards the human body, the ego, personality, soul, etc. This is the tree of life.
Shems is a follower. Shems Neter is a follower of Neterism. To be a follower means to act, think, look like, move, and be like the Neter. Then one is called Nehast, resurrected.
It is Heru that is the union of lower and high self. Heru and Set represent the upper and lower aspects of the human; upper and lower divinities.
Four aspects of the human personality: Intellect (Aset), feeling (devotional love), will (meditation), action (MAAT). There are specific books that deal with the human personality.
OM symbol was in anxiety Egyptian text prior to the conceptualization and development of what is known as Yoga today in India. The ankh symbol originated in Egypt and other cultures have taken this as their cultural/religious representation.
Being Maatian does not mean to be a pushover. One must find a balance. One does not allow the Ari to accumulate in their bodies, in their minds. The study of MAAT philosophy is what is true.
Questions? Can you expound more on Heru and Set and how these aspects are connected to the upper and lower divinities?