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Themes and Summary: If one fights in an Arena forgetful of the past, success will elude him who ignores what he should know.” For this very reason, human beings have fallen subject to their “lower nature.”-a life absent of ethics, right thinking, and righteousness. This forgetfulness is not just relegated to just annals of history-meaning dates and times of grandeur. But, the greatest tragedy is the absence of the knowledge of the spiritual nature/purpose of man/woman.

Kamit was the first oldest wisdom tradition in the world. Evidence of these teachings can be found in wisdom teachings and the Pyramid Text. This charts back, as far as the old and predynastic period, about 5,000 to 10,000 B.C.. The foundation of the teaching is mired in leaving the truth of Maat, a life of righteousness, ethics, and virtue. The break down/downfall of society was due to “this forgetfulness”, and not living truth. This is not to say that “evil” or challenges are bad things. In fact, these challenges or sufferings is a part of the divine plan. In other words, there is a higher purpose to life, in contrast to fulfilling one’s desires and acquiring things of the world. These things are illusory. We can see this quite evidence in the world, whereby the talks of ethics and morality are taken out of politics, government, and schools, and replaced with pseudo science. For instance, how can we address the issue of fairness, justice, and equality, without addressing the divine nature within us( our deepest understanding of who we are)?

The Foundation of Kamitic civilization was the religion. The priest and priestess not only managed the temples, but they were also instrumental in managing agriculture, education, social and political order, and more importantly the spirituality. The religion was called Shatuat Neter. The break-down of the religion, through conquest and invasion, that lead to the fall of the various institutions they built. It was a domino effect. The term used was “imploding.”

The ethical teachings of Kamit, which is based on the principle of Maat and written in the text Prtm Hru(Book of the Dead), teaches us that there are 3 basic human needs: Food. shelter, and a boat. The shelter is necessary to build a home and boat for traveling and expanding, thus creating opportunity for growth. If these basic needs are not met, then humans will revert back to their survival instincts. Moreover, the lack of food and nutrition, causes the mind to be unsettled and unfocused.
The essence of the Kamit spiritual teaching is the ‘’is the underlying spiritual awareness and essence of creation. Why are we here’. Are we here to be fathers, mothers, married, and have children and successful careers?. Or is there a higher purpose?