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Tonya Octave

Perspectives on Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Religion (part I and Part 2)
What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
A sacred place is needed because as human become involved in the world so they don’t forget their true nature. One’s true nature is to rediscover God/Goddess qualities.
Setjert: blood (intoxication with worldly desire, egoism), beer (intoxication with worldly pleasure, ignorance), mandrake (intoxication with Bau of Ra (souls) fullness; infinity, peace that comes through self-knowledge). All three leads to Nahast, enlightenment. The acceptance into the teaching is to come as you are. Some of the mandrake is put into you and eventually you infuse yourself with the mandrake.
Shetaut Neter “The teaching about the secret, hidden, divinity (Supreme Being)”
The wisdom text includes: Neterian Creed
A Sebai will support me with the integration of the teachings and practices.
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