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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 6 – Part one Fundamental Principles Of African Religion

A. Complete program of religion: 1. Myth 2. Ritual 3. Mysticism
B. Program of African religion: 1. Story-telling (myth-proverbs) 2. Ritual 3. Ecstasy – Transcendental Experience
C. Program of Sema Tawi: 1. Listening 2. Reflection 3. Meditation
D. Key to understand myth: 1. Not just for Ancients 2. Written in form of journey 3. Understanding from living 4. Not just entertainment 5. Transcendental Principles
E. Types of myths: 1. Creation 2. Heroic 3. Moral-teaching (parables – proverbs)
F. Common principles
Supreme Being
Lesser Beings
Humans/Imperfect Ritual/Purifies Ideal/Discover God

*GOD AND THE UNIVERSE ARE ONE* — This is what the African religion is based upon, the Divinity and Creation are One. This is the main principle
Other religions see differently – as cause being separate from effect

The ancient kemetic symbol of a falcon inside a square represents Heru/Hetheru. Hetheru means House of Heru. The house is Light, Heru is Spirit. This means Spirit living in the house.
The ancient Kemetic symbol of a dot inside a circle represents the point of creation. The Kabbalists of Judaism and the Hindus also adopted this symbol. Hindus call this symbol a bindu – the point of creation. The circle is time and space (universe, creation) and the dot is the point of origin. Modern physics says that creation comes form the Big Bang and the big bang came from a single point.
*GOD AND THE UNIVERSE ARE ONE* is what the Supreme Being is

Religious practice is of two types. If it is a complete program of religion, it will have three steps: myth, ritual and mysticism. A complete practice has to lead to mysticism. If it does one will find that all religions lead to the same destination.
All religions have a myth. All of the myths are to help one to have a deeper mystical understanding or discovery.
Orthodox practice is when people practice only the myth and the ritual. Moving beyond the myth and ritual is called mysticism. Christianity in western culture only practices these two levels. Original Christianity before the Romans took over was a practice that led to a mystical understanding. Many sects of Christianity with their own (possibly 18) Gospels existed and developed. There were many councils before Roman Emperors made Christianity the state religion. Many councils and many followers were in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Rome. The Roman sect became the only version of Christianity that was allowed. The Roman army stamped out other sects and practices.
People in Egypt hid and buried their scrolls of Gospel Scripture in Nag Hammadi. These scrolls were eventually discovered and called the Gnostic Gospels. The Gnostic Gospels speak of mysticism, which was left out of the Canon of the Bible. Canonization means that something in particular is the accepted teaching and everything else is not accepted or allowed.
Christianity has a mystical division called Gnosticism. Western culture practices a dominant Orthodox form of Christianity. Islam has a mystical sect called Sufism. Judaism has a mystical sect called Qabbalism/Kabbalism.

Religion is important for two reasons. Because you are affected by and interacting with people who who believe in it, and also because if you believe in anything then you are religious.
The Copts are descendants of the original Ancient Egyptians who converted to Christianity. They practice an Orthodox form of Christianity but it is not the same form as the Roman Catholic practice. In the Christian religion there are three churches that developed in Ancient times. The three main sects were Roman Catholic (Rome), Byzantine(Turkey/Constantinople) and Coptic(Cairo, Egypt).
Romans destroyed the Byzantine throne and took over all of Byzantium. Islam moved across Asia Minor, across North Africa, into Spain and further into Europe, being stopped at France.

The Truth cannot be quantified (weighed or measured). It must be experienced. Reasons why there is so much conflict over religion is because people only practice myth without moving on to ritual and mysticism. That causes people to think that what only they know about myth is true or right and everyone else’s is wrong.

Myths have transcendental truths. western culture does not understand this. Some people prefer a secular life and see religion and morality as obstacles to that type of life. This sops you from seeing everything as Divine and not separate from Nature.

Sema and yoga mean the same thing — to unite, union
Myth does not mean a lie. It is more a metaphor, an analogy
Myths are not just for the ancients. There are transcendental truths that are available and valid for the past, present and the future. They are usually written in the form of a journey, from a perspective of a person that has struggles to go through, things to learn and overcome in order to grow spiritually. The people in the stories (myths) are metaphors for you (everyone).

The statements ” The kingdom of heaven is within you” and “I and the Father are One” are all the same statements made by Heru, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus.
It means we all have a consciousness within us that we all need to discover. myth helps us to discover this. Ritual is the key. Ritual and reflection are the same thing. You must live the myth in order to realize it’s higher meaning. Living it means practicing the rituals.
Listen to and reflect upon the teachings.
There are two types of ritual: Formal and Informal
Formal ritual is called ceremony, Informal ritual is called practice

When a myth is practiced, it becomes reinforced in your mind. Having virtue and believing in something transcendental helps to sustain you.
Humans are imperfect; doing rituals purifies the human. The ideal is to discover God.
Realizing our oneness with God is achieving the ideal (fulfillment)
Every point in the universe, is the center of the universe, because WE ARE ONE.

Lesson 6 – Part 2 Great Truths of Shetaut Neter

Prostrating before the altar, uncovering the altar, lighting the candle.
The candle symbolizes the Light of the Divine Self. This is called Akhu. akhu means Spirit. Lighting the candle means you are symbolically lighting the Spirit within yourself.
Lighting the incense – In Ancient times, special incense from the land of Kush (Southern Nubia) was used for officiating the Afro-Kemetic ritual. Kush is the land of origins, the land of the gods and goddesses. The scent of incense is symbolic of your personality. You are to burn your personality up (letting go of the ego) through the fragrance burning and through your virtue and righteousness and your truth, the fragrance rises up to the Divine. The Divine will reciprocate to you prosperity and enlightenment.
Pouring libations – In Kemetic ritual this is a continuous pouring from one vessel to another or from one vessel to the ground. This symbolizes a continuous practice of mental thought in the direction of the Divine (instead of towards the world).
Food offering – Fruits
Spoken offering – The ritual of chanting. Chant is called hekau. Hekau means words of power. Hekau transforms the mind, transforms Creation and transforms personality.
Doing this properly will transform your life and lead you to spiritual enlightenment.
The offering is to the Supreme Being. The spoken offering is 1000 beef (male) and 1000 geese (female) Doing this offering will make one true of mind and true of speech. The hekau is offered four times. Four times symbolizes Creation ( North, South, East, West). Doing this four times encompasses all of Creation and makes it effective.

The offering table (called Hotep) has a rolled up mat, a loaf of bread, a haunch of beef and a goose. Beef symbolizes maleness, geese symbolizes femaleness. The libation is poured on the Hotep down the center and the two sides of water mixing symbolizes the unity of duality. You are giving up maleness and femaleness, giving up opposites, giving up separation between you an Spirit. When this is done the offering becomes sanctified.

Rekh – means to know. Once something is known, it is no longer a mystery.
Shetaut Neter – means Hidden Divinity. This is the Ancient African name for the term religion. It means the hidden way of the Divine Self. By inference this means how to know one’s Self.
Why should we try to know anything?

People come to the teachings by many different ways, for many different reasons.
The Ancient kemetic temple has three separate sections within the temple building boundaries.
The outer section symbolizes your desire to aspire. this is where the music, chanting and prayer goes on and where you receive your initial teaching. The next section is where the high philosophy is disseminated. The third section is for those who are adept. There are three levels of aspirants. The first is called mortals, the second initiates and the third is the enlightened.

Why are some people who present offerings not allowed into the temple?
There are spiritual forces that prevent some people from learning the teachings.
Spiritual maturity will allow you to progress in learning and and following the teachings to the best of your ability. To be accepted into the teachings is to be judged by your deeds.

Everyone wants happiness. Ancient sages say that seeking happiness in the world is an illusion. lessons of the world teach you impermanence. Everything you do in the world will not last, it will perish.
Learning and understanding the Ancient kemetic teachings will allow you attain true happiness (that which is unchanging)and to attain clarity.

The ancient Kemetic term Nun or paut is the primeval stuff that everything is composed of. This was known long before modern physics which states the same thing- that everything is composed of energy. It is all the same energy. Energy’s different forms look that way because of it’s vibrations. Everything vibrates on different levels.
Spirit is the only constant. This is what is in you. The Spirit is absolute and transcendental. The body belongs to Earth, the souls belongs to Heaven. This existence on earth is temporary.

First- Supreme Being is One. The One Divinity manifests as many gods and goddesses. The Supreme Being is everything and also called the cosmic forces or energies. We must see beyond the illusion to know that we are not separate from the One. Being unrighteous leads to the fetters of Set. This causes the ignorance of our higher nature.

In the creation myth it is said that in the beginning, humans were spirits sent to earth by Ra. They lived to be hundreds of years old but then became arrogant. The gods and goddesses informed Ra of the humans behavior and Ra encased them in water in order to limit them. Ra also sent his daughter, the goddess Ma’at to lead the humans back to the path of righteousness. The teachings of Ma’at leads one back from ignorance towards the path of righteousness. Set is the divinity of the evil personality.
When you exist through fetters you become caught in the desires of the senses and body. That is Set, the divinity of ego personality which leads towards ignorance (khemn).
Khemn means darkness of ignorance. Uashu means devoted to the divine. Being devoted causes nafu which is freedom, or the ability to breathe, to have goodness and peace.
By being disciplined enough to listen to the teachings, being devoted to the Divine throgh rituals, chanting, loving nature and yourself, being virtuous and meditation, these are called the shedy disciplines.

There are four realms of existence:
1. Physical (waking) Most people are afraid to leave from here
2. Astral (subconscious or dream state) You can commune with the gods and goddesses here, waking visions can happen here, sages may come and teach you here, you may meet or see your spiritual preceptor here.
3. Causal (unconscious) Here is where the seed that causes your existence comes from. There is a 4th realm within the causal unconscious which is transcendental. It exists outside of time and space. This is called yanrutef. It is located deep within the heart of the unconscious mind. Those who attain this level are able to see the nature of the Divine and the oneness of creation. If you can experience this long enough, the illusion of time and space is transcended.

This is important to know because we exist in all three realms at the same time.
Most of us do not know this. Knowledge of these realms and and practicing the shedy disciplines will expand your conscious knowledge of the realms in order to prepare you for when you will be able to perceive these planes.

I could not catch the Kemetic names of the teachings, what are they called again?
Thank you