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Anpu Waset


Reading Bastu Akua’s reflections on Lesson 15 was a Nfr experience as the way she articulated the points from the lesson showed a deep understanding of what both Sage Amenhotep and Sebai Maa expressed in it.

Discussing how harmful speech to others is in reality harmful speech to ourselves, as the Ab Ntr is the same for all, by preventing the opening of the mouth consciousness, which prevents one’s ability to enter into the inner shrine. Then her recognition of Sebai Maa’s introduction of the ultimate heated personality Hetheru forgetting her way and getting caught up in the mental plane of worldly illusion as Sekmet, who is each of us who awakens to knowledge of Self after completing a process of transformation after drinking the Sedjert drink consisting of beer representing mental agitation from worldly pleasures, blood representing egoism, and mandrake representing the souls of Ra experienced through the meditative practice showed a thorough understanding of the teachings presented.

To veggie back on what she presented here are two points that resonated with me:

-To enter the inner abode within ones Self, one must chisel away outer ignorance of the personality and bring forth Divinity as only Divinity can enter into this space.


May all who read these words discover pleasantness in this lifetime!

Dua Bastu Akua,
Dua Sage Amenhotep,
Dua Sebai Maa & Seba Dja,
Dua Hmu.

Asr Anpu