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Bastu Akhu covered most of the main topics made by Sebai Maa in this reading of Amenemopet. Her summary was clear and I thank her for such a detail review. The topics she summarized were 1) the importance of non-violence, 2 the connection of the mouth/heart to your spirit being, 3) Retaining one’s vitality and 4) the correlation of the teachings of Lord Djehuty and Goddess Sekhmet with the heated personality.

In the back of my mind which I am sure is the ego speaking, when I hear Amenemopet’s simple but profound teachings I always ask myself, “Don’t we already know this”? Don’t we know not to commit violence against anyone or thing? Don’t we know not to waste our energy arguing with folks? Don’t we know all of this? And then just when my Ego has answered yes, Sebai Maa dissects the teachings in such a way which reminds us that our thoughts and our deeds are two different things especially when we do a deep reflection on the subtle aspects of the teachings and our actions. Such as, the quote mentioned by Baset Akhu in reference to non-violence, “take care to make sure you speech to be sound in reference to the words that you use that may ause harm”. Sebai Maa states there are 3 types of violence, 1) physical violence 2) Violence of speech (which is more of a psychological play) and 3) Thought based on violence. This personality would never consider physical violence since she can’t fight. It only makes sense to be nice or cordial to people because of self-preservation. But what if I was physically strong? What if with a single thought one could wipe people off the planet? Would the people I loathe be on some distant galaxy? This ego personality has silently wished harm or retribution to certain individuals that consistently caused pain to others (such as politicians and people who were sworn to protect the public but do just the opposite). Of course, I quickly take it back but in those moments of forgetfulness, had I been violent? There are other people that I just don’t like but no reason to wish them harm. And I don’t. But is the no loving thoughts to their personality creating violence?

Its quite obvious from all of Sage Amenemopet lessons that perhaps the continued routine hearing (listening/reflection and meditating) of these profound teachings (which we think we know) either through these lectures or the recitation of the 42 precepts are necessary to truly sink in. The continued training of the mind to acknowledge but then dismiss negative thoughts are essential for the purifying of the heart which leads to the opening of the mouth of Divine consciousness. I rejoice knowing that my Temple is in the hand of God.
“Give Asar Amuntyt Glorious Spirit being, and spiritual strength through righteous speaking.”
Dua Bastu Akhu! Dua Sebai Maa and Seba Dja! Dua Amun!