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Tonya Octave

What are the main teachings noted during the lecture? “Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality”.
Sema Tawi means the two lands, higher and lower of KMT. This is parallel to the lower and higher parts of the self.
The reddish depictions of people are not a representation of their ethnicity. Nubian can be represented in various colors. The color red is a ritualistic color.
There are 3 African philosophies: MAAT, Shetaut Neter, and Sema Tawi. Shetaut Neter is African Religion. Sema Tawi has four disciplines: right action, devotion, medication, and listening to the teachings. Sema includes the Shedy aspects. This leads to knowing one’s self. Towards higher self-awareness. However, as it has grown in popularity in the West the practice, meaning, and purpose has been destroyed. One way this has occurred is through the separation of spirituality; moral understanding and towards just a physical practice. The correct practice of Egyptian Yoga is an integrative practice where all the disciplines come together.
How am I implementing these teachings? I continue to work on my integration of Tjef Sema Paut Neteru. I am working to listen to the audio versions of the practice using visualization. Other times I am able to do a full practice. However, during my work week I mostly practice a shorter version of the physical practices with commentary.
If one is doing their Shedy practices can one still practice westernized forms of yoga with the understanding that this is for another purpose; exercise, socialization, employment? HTP