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Tonya Octave

What are the main teachings noted during the lecture?
Neterian origins: As we look back other cultures in Mesopotamia (Sumer, Babylonian, Persians, Hammurabi, final battle) are derivates of the Neterian culture. Symbols such as the cylinder seal, headdress, sphinx, ankh, sun disk are observed in Syria.
Ancient God Asar with headdress was represented as King Narmer and Baai of Arabia. God Asar was worshiped in other parts of the world under different names.
Goddess Neteru destroys evil with her serpent power. Goddesses Aset has wings and this represent the wisdom aspect.
As there was a move into Judaic era some changes were noted. Based on Christianity, Egypt is evil and there is constant going in and out of Egypt as a means of survival of the county. There are three different groups of people. The African people came from Ham. The Asia people came from Shem and the Eurasia came from Japheth. The Christian bible teaches the three sons of Noah gave birth to all of humanity. If we follow the bible, the race of Jesus dates back to Noah, Hem, African (CUSH- Ethiopian), Miraim (Egyptians), Canaan. The bible notes Jesus has heritage from Africa. The challenge is when one starts to believe that there is only one depiction of God and all others depictions are representations of evil or one is going to hell.
The earliest depictions of Hebrew people did not originally follow Judaism, this came later. Judaism is a religion. There are teachings in the Christian bible and Judaism is a reworking of the same teachings in Kmt.
Christianity, Judaism, Isalm believe their religion is the “right” religion and you must be a believer to get into Heaven. All others will go to hell.
Religion ties you to the spirit and the culture.
I had no unanswered questions.