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Tonya Octave

What are the main teachings noted during the lecture? Although there were forced migrations within African, there was a normal trade exchange that occurred between East and West Africa. The Asarian traditions was most popular practice throughout Africa to include artifacts found in the Congo. Although slavery was dated to go back to West African (Alex Haley), indeed all things originated back to Kmt. This is where our heritage begins there. There is a correlation with Kemetian religion and all other religious/spiritual practices. There are two forms/purposes of the pyramid; as a temple, mausoleum (tomb). No human remains have been located in the great pyramids in Egypt therefore they were used as a temple, for spiritual practices. There were groups that migrated back towards Nubia/Egypt and through this process they brought evil and destructive practices. There is a connection between evilness and migration. The reason why one has gotten lost from who they are is because of the disintegration of their soul. The physical part of the tradition stops by the memory of the traditions remain. Kemet is a development of African culture, traditions. African culture is the seed and Kemet is the flowering.
As people started to travel away from Africa during the ice ages they started to develop independently. Wouldn’t they still take with them culture, agriculture, traditions from Kemet? For example, could the Chinese culture still have a connection with the Kemetian practices. Similar to how Indian culture is traced back to Kemet.