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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 5-

Important themes:
The arts, culture, spiritual practices, philosophy, religions, symbols, and education of the world came from and was influenced by Ancient Kemet. This is known by evidence of contact, form and function. Once studied and understood correctly it is possible to prove where everything leads to originated from.
A lot of information has been lost, destroyed, hidden or covered up and changed but even in all of the religions and spiritual practices that are around today there is evidence and truths that have survived and are still being practiced that come from and point to the original source.

What’s Important:
Learning this history is a bit like time-travel. It also clears up a lot of what was left out of and denied from those of us whose schools and places of religious and spiritual learning did not provide this type of education. I did learn some of this from home so I am truly grateful to be able to catch up again here.

I’ve realized that the reason we still have original teachings and also what’s left of original teachings is because it is being practiced under new names and forms and also because what hasn’t changed has managed to survive secretly. My question is when people practice(d) in secret in order to keep this safe and also in order to avoid persecution and/or problems with family, friends or the community is that considered deceit? And if it is would that be bad karma for staying quiet about it or good karma for protecting it or somehow both?