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2020 Neterian Conference Review:

This past remote conference was enjoyable. The teachings by Sebai Maa were very enlightening. Sebai’s teachings have the ability to take one out of the physical realm when you hear them into a special place where the divinities reside. It was his discussion of Asar Sokar and the many aspects of Heru this time that had me spellbound.
I enjoyed the fact that the quality of sound was very clear and I had a front row seat for his presentation. It was nice being in the comfort of my home. It was not nice being interrupted by family members and others not understanding that I did not want to be disturbed. I did tell them that I was in my yearly conference only at home.

The play/ritual was awesome. The person who played Anpu stole my heart and I was there with Anpu as he provided assistance to the goddesses. Wow what a wonderful experience it was. I am glad that we did the play. Dua/very thankful to all who helped to make this happen. The selfless service by all was just outstanding and it reminds me that I am in such great Divine company. Dua to Uab Setna for being the inspiration as he has always been so diligent about performing the great Asarian Drama.

It is nice to know that the conference is do-able remotely.

However, it cannot compare to the actual being with the Neterian family. I find such joy of seeing everyone on a yearly basis. I miss being in the physical presence of Sebai Maa and Seba Dja. What great happiness it is to be able to see them in person, hug or touch them. I miss the trouble to get to the conference only to have it dissipate when I see everyone’s face. Everyone seems to have a smile and a happy face. I miss Saa Salome’s food and I miss seeing how the children have grown and how mature they are. I missed laughing with Uab Setna or Unut UnShen or Unut Anpu about things in previous conferences. I miss seeing the reserve and quiet presence of Sehu. I miss seeing everyone who is in this class and more. And I missed the continued chatty reflection that pursues in the car or van on the way home about the profundity of the teachings or the ritual that left us all spiritually full.
Dua Sebai Maa, Dua Seba Dja.