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Bastu Akhu

Bastu Akhu
Sage Amenemopet Lecture 15
Part 1 – Reflections

In lecture 15, Sebai Maa expounded on the Maatian theme of non-violence through the teachings of Sage Amenemopet. In this lesson, Amenemopet focused on violence of speech and its detriments, cautioning us in Chapter 8x, translated by Sebai Maa to “take care to make your speech to be sound in reference to the words that you use, that may cause harm…”

Therefore, speech should be in alignment with ethical conscience, the truth of the underlying oneness of creation. All are the same Divine essence/Ab Neter/Soul and thus all are deserving of the same care and respect regardless of form or level of ignorance, since all are essentially you. So, someone’s “personality/ego” being caught up in ignorance should not be a reason to denigrate their/your Ab Neter by use of negative speech. Instead maintain a ‘ger’ personality and affirm one’s spirit being and thus “mer a” Divine care will flow, but as Amenemopet advised, if you have a choice, stay away from the heated personality altogether because it’s equally important not to listen to or repeat negative speech (gossiping, lies etc.)

Sebai Maa also expounded on Vs. 11 by adding that if the mouth/conscious awareness is not connected to Spirit being, then it means it is connected to the awareness of your ego being which force/urges the personality to engage in unrighteousness/negative speech and this comes from the solar plexus (belly) so these urges must be sublimated and used for spiritual evolution.

Another important teaching in this lesson is the concept of collecting “vitality”. Being involved in worldliness, unnecessary arguments, conflicts etc. which are all illusory and therefore inconsequential is squandering/draining of vital life force energy, leading to mental weakness/agitation and the perpetuation of egoism/ignorance. Instead, one should save their energy by living by ethical conscience, thus releasing the energy tied up in negative speech and egoism to propel one’s inner movement into the inner shrine of the temple where one is able to discover Ab Neter, oneness with the Divine. Thus, mench-ing away the negative aspects of the personality leaves the Divine aspects, and only the Divine can enter into the abode of the Divine, and the experience of being in the presence of the Divine is “true luxury”.

To bring this teaching full circle, Sebai referenced Vs. 5, 44-51 of the Scripture of Hetheru and Djehuty, where Hetheru is the epitome of the heated personality. In this section of the myth the mandrake in the stjert given to Hetheru represents the “bau n Hem Neteru”, the souls of Ra that are the very source of life and vitality, allowing her to transcend her dull state of mind to a lucid state of mind, entering the meditative state, a stillness that gives entry to the awareness of the experience of consciousness without mind. So, in other words it’s indeed the turning of one’s attention towards spirit that gives vitality to be able to bask and abide perpetually in the luxury of the presence of the divine.

Part 2 – Question

The egoistic will to do unrighteousness should be controlled in order to allow sublimation of negative will.


Dua Sage Amenemopet
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