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Phoenix Hetep MAAT


TTOA Lesson 4

Question for Reflection:
What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality- mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

Continued dispassion/detachment (Khak-ab), and relentless pursuit (antet begag). There is definitely more room for dedication, application, diligence, and consistency in these foundational practices of the teachings. The personality tends to create “pushback” at the thought of choosing to carry out the pursuit of unveiling the illusoriness of creation and its creator (gross & subtle), to re-discover and experience through Oneness the Divine- Nuk Pu (I Am).
The wonderous illusory aspect of Ra still has the personality intrigued.
However egoistic ignorance is no longer “bliss” for this embodiment, and although there are times the ego, whether it be positive or negative “gives in” or “seems to win”, the Goddess within always reigns more Powerful.. she will not let Asp Phoenix settle.

I kept reflecting back to a section in the compendium of the myth, where it speaks to Aset as a woman having no desire for human existence, being dispassionate towards human beings, revering the state of the gods and goddesses and even more revering the state of the spirits because they were closer to the Divine. She meditated in her heart… “Is it possible for me to become like Ra?”
This resonates regularly in the Ab (heart) and not just in the intellectual mind as a goal I want achieve through Saa (An understanding from acceptance and adoption of the Wisdom). Aset gives the foundational wisdom tools and Spiritual direction needed to implement on the personality for mental, emotional liberation and mystical elevation. I remind the personality often through this lifetime journey and the lessons given through its experiences that these virtues need to be carried out Now… Every day, through extricating oneself from the ego and aryu, continued authentic dispassion/detachment from the illusory “me” and world, not stopping and relentless pursuit to become like Ra.
The heart felt a great sense of Peace & Reconnection because when reading about Aset in this section, I am in actuality reading about “Asp Phoenix”! So, each day I strive to surrender to the Divine (one step at a time), live the teachings, and identify as Aset in all of her womanly and Goddess aspects through this personality.