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AvatarL. G. Lopez

Lesson 4 – Kemetic Culture Pinnacle of African Culture and migrations from Kemet

Kemetic culture is African culture. The flowering of kemetic culture comes from the seeds of indigenous Africans practices who originated in the Great Lakes region.
Africans migrated throughout all of Africa and into the rest of the world. Some cultures developed independently, some dependent, and some stagnated. There are Kemetic connections to Tibet, India, and other places around the world. The Dogon of Mali and the Yoruba of Nigeria in Africa say they descend from ancestors of the East, meaning Kemet. If you do not recognize Egyptian culture as African culture, you will not understand African spirituality. African culture when understood properly shows that Africa is not primitive.

There are three ways of knowing:
1. To be taught
2. To have faith
3. To have experience

Having a universal spiritual consciousness is what is needed in order to have a balanced, flourishing society. This is because to be aware of Spirit and the fact that we all (and everything in the universe) emanate from the One Spirit, then no one would want to continue to harm another, they would be aware that they are also harming themselves.

Question about the pyramids— The pyramids are temples not tombs, so how was what was practiced in the other temples different from what was practiced in the pyramid temples? Were they not used in the death rituals for transcendence?