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DjedefHor Anpu

This discussion covers initiatic stop #1 and #2.

I have turned my back to the east and I am no longer concerned with the world and its needs and desires. I am now ready to look toward the west. I have an innate desire to go to the temple and discover the mysteries of life. I am the Royal Person DjedefHor Anpu I come before the Priests and Priestesses willing and desirous to traverse the royal path.
Nesu Bity {User Maat Ra Setep en Ra} ary akhut em asset heh
Nesu Bity {Mer Amun Ba en Ra} Aset nebt pet mery
Neter Nefer Amun sa Anetedjnuty en un-Nefer Nesu Bity heka pedjty

As I Royal Person, I DjedefHor Anpu pass through the entrance and enter into the second open court. And this part of the temple I will reflect on physical purification and ceremonial purity of the physical and gross mental aspects of my personality. Because of my action to turn away from the east and look toward the west, I am entering in this part of the temple with a procession of people moving towards the front of the temple. I am seeking to present ethical purity and legitimize myself as a Royal Person. I also purified by the water, by the divinity Hapi. It here that I experience duality (existence in the plane of time and space.)

So now as I move from Court #2 to Court #1 I qualities of detachment and dispassion.