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L. G. Lopez

Lesson 3

Aspects of reality – Physical, Image, Name. All of these are based on culture, they are illusions.
Behind the veil all matter is the same — it only appears to be different due to the vibrations of the atoms causing these patterns in different environments.

The concept of the bull and the seven cows teaches that from the One Spirit comes all of creation. It is the source of life, meaning that we all come from the same source.
The way we express ourselves in the world through different cultures does not mean that is who we really are.

The organized structure of the Temple system in Ancient Kemet was lost when all temples closed, degrading the culture. Spiritual and ethical connections were lost, so were people’s values, education, language, important writings and art. The attacks and the invasions and displacement of the original people’s of Kemet caused them to lose their educational, religious, social and political structures.

A really important theme is that the ultimate reality is mentioned over and over in the teachings in many different ways. It is what is meant by “Know Thy Self”

Why is it that we can be born into a certain culture or nation but not feel like we identify with the the current one we are born into?
Is the feeling of being drawn to or instantly attracted to or feeling like you already are familiar with something you may or may not have experienced in this life due to the fact that we have reincarnated over and over?