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L. G. Lopez

KMT 101 Lesson 2 African Origins

All nations of humans descend from one origin, African people from the African continent.
Due to denial, delusion or willfull ignorance many still do not know or believe this fact.
The civilization of Kemet flourished and endured for many millennia.

The African proverb that states “If one is forgetful of the past, sucess will elude him who ignores what he should know” explains not only the downfall of civilization in Kemet but shows why so many nations previously fell and why so many are in trouble now.
The breakdown of a society happens when civilization becomes forgetful of ethics, morality, righteousness, and living by truth.

Elevating only economically, politically and/or socially does not necessarily ensure a stable or enlightened society.
Forgetting about morality, philosophy and inter – connectedness leads to negativity, and a downward spiral.

In order to be a productive person in society, you must learn about all aspects of life, not solely what concerns you and/or your chosen career.
Living in a bubble is why and how people can be easily mislead.

The foundation of Kamitan civilization —
Sen means boy – sent means girl. There was a balance between males and females in this culture and civilization.

African nations flourished for millennia until the spread of European colonialization which also caused problems for ALL humanity all over the world.
The center of Kamitan civilization was the temple.
Maintained by priests and priestesses, it encompassed the agriculture, education, social, political and ethical organization and religion.
Throughout many attacks through time, and even the taking back of the Kamitan civilization, Kemet stood until all the temples were forced to close.
That disrupted the entire culture and the entire civilization, causing the final downfall.

Education was extremely important. Writing, literature and math were important so as to have records of spiritual philosophy, records of government bureaucracy and politics, records of trade.
The Kamitans recognized that writing endures longer whereas oral history can be disrupted quite rapidly.
The education of people in Kemet was 15 years long which ensured that a person was well rounded and had a trade. Those who went on to the priesthood had additional education consisting of 3 levels, spanning 3 decades to complete.

Three human needs – principles to take care of society
1. Food (sustenance)
2. Shelter (home)
3. Boat (opportunity)
This is the basis of Ma’at culture
Disorder in society is caused by a lack of these primary things.
Ma’at culture is the ethical behavior of humans in society. It is the responsibility of those in power (the council of Elders, the government) to provide this for everyone in society.

Advancing in technologies does not necessarily mean a better society. Spiritual consciousness is having the right awareness of the spiritual ethics of creation.
That is what allowed Kemet to flourish for so long.
Men and women had equal rights. Both were educated, both were rulers, and both genders served in the priesthood.
The western concept of male dominance has proved detrimental to Africa.
If a women is not educated, there will be degradation of the family followed by degradation of the society.

Everything mentioned in this video is equally important, as it explains how everything is connected and that if one link breaks, everything breaks.
Since many Indigenous populations followed similar ways of life as the ancient Africans, that is proof positive that a return to the ancient ways and a remembrance of a different way of living and being is much better for the healthy success of all life on this planet.

My questions are is there really a war between good and evil? If we are not to consider something as evil but something to make use of so as to ascend or transcend to a higher spiritual being, what happens when you have no choice (or you feel as though you have no choice) but to stop something that someone may consider evil, like when you protect another person or yourself from harm? Or is all of that part of the process?